REVIEW: OpenAstroMenace 1.2.0


A blast from the past and a Linux title that deserves a look!


A title from 2008 that deserves a mention and a bringing to the fore.

OpenAstroMenace (OAM) is a fork of the title AstroMenace and the work of Viewizard software.  The game, distributed under the GPLv3 has not been updated since 2008 however that doesn’t stop it from being a great, complete game that seems to mostly slipped the net when it comes to online coverage.  Thats a shame, I’ll explain why.

My gaming experience is rather limited, since the days of the Commodore Amiga it takes something rather special to get me interested enough to devote hours of time to.  One thing I miss from the days of the Amiga is the quick arcade blaster (of which most titles were) since these days most games seem like cinematic masterpieces which require quite a large investment of your time.  I’m pleased to report that OAM is the former, rather than the latter.

A 3d(ish) top down shooter on rails is the best way to describe OAM, enemies waves following set paths harking back to shooter-em-ups of yesteryear.  The GFX are good, putting me in mind of the game Awesome on the A500 so many years ago.  You control the action with your mouse, with your ship being responsive and smooth (auto-fire by holding down your left mouse button is offered in the game and will save your mouse button!)

Earning money from completing missions will allow upgrades to be bought for your ship, you have 5 payload slots which you can upgrade.  There are many levels in the game (and I’ve only got as far as 5) so there’s plenty to keep this title on your system for some time.  It’s good that the game unlocks levels which prevents you from having to play the game from the beginning every time.


OAM is a great game and it certainly should be considered for default packaging with a distro as those play once titles that you normally see are old and worn.  OAM doesn’t require an investment of time to get into and is great for a quick blast maybe whilst your waiting for a download or waiting for someone to respond in IRC.  Whilst the last update appears to have been in 2008, this is a polished title which stands very nicely on its own.

If you cannot find this title in your distro’s repro’s, you can visit the SourceForge page here and if you are interested in other Linux games I’ve covered, you can see them here.

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