Gallant Macmillan – site is down but 4chan not to blame? Who’s next?

It’s being reported by some tech writers that Gallant Macmillan might have been taken down with a new ddos by users from 4chan (It also suggests the possibility that the site was taken down intentionally by its owners.)

It is unclear whether the host disconnected the domain in advance of the attack or whether Gallant & Macmillan is now the latest company to be forced offline through traffic overload.


The fallout from the last ddos attack (ACS:Law) is still being felt with accusations on both sides, private emails exposed, complaints and the personal details of many being exposed on the net…its all a bit of a mess.

It was reported on the net that Gallant Macmillan would be the next target for a 4chan ddos attack.  Having said that, the Gallant Macmillan site has been down for a few days and it would appear have been taken down by GM themselves.

This theory seems to have some credibility since over on Twitter, “savetpb” (Save The Pirate Bay)  is quoted as saying:

If gmlegal is still down before the countdown, we will change the target! #ddos #payback #savetpb

So who will be the target instead?


It appears the new target is Ministry of Sound, which for those that don’t know are reportedly clients of Gallant Macmillan. On Monday 4th of October Gallant Macmillan are allegedly going to court again to attempt to get a court order for more names in the continuing controversy that is, what some call “speculative invoicing”

UPDATE 1am 04/10/10
It appears savetpb is giving the credit to the ddos bringing down GMlegal. The tweet mentioned in the article is now removed, so I can only assume (if a ddos is responsible) that the attack actually started before the official time…..
Ministry of Sound is also down.

Goblin –

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