Windows Live Spaces to be migrated to WordPress? By Microsoft?

Are we seeing a more open Microsoft? Are Microsoft admitting they cannot compete in the blogesphere? You decide. But it appears Windows Live Spaces users will be powered by Linux from now on!

Yes, you read the title right and thanks to a link by Dr Schestowitz of Techrights bringing my attention to it.

I’ve always used the WordPress blogging service and on the whole am very happy with the experience.  When looking at Windows Live Spaces, I could not help but notice that many blog’s were hit by a plethora of spam, looked the same with the same style, same Microsoftesque features.  There was no uniqueness that I could see.

WordPress & Akismet on the other hand does a sterling job of blocking much of the spam that comes through and also offers users a wealth of styles and features for bloggers to give each user a net individuality.

Now it appears Microsoft is admitting defeat in the area of blogging and migrating its Spaces users over to WordPress.  Here’s what is being reported:

Microsoft says that it decided that instead of building its own competing blogging service, it should go with WordPress’s fleshed-out feature set, which has 26 million users and powers over 8.5% of sites across the web. Users will be migrated through a process that preserves all of their content, and will automatically redirect visitors who head to their existing Microsoft Live Spaces sites.


That certainly sounds like admitting defeat to me.  Can we now count Windows Live Spaces as another Microsoft product/service binned?

So the “service” that came about in 2006 has lasted about 4 years?  That’s certainly better than how the Kin performed and probably far better than Windows Mobile 7 will, but more the interesting question here is;  Are all the shelved products of late a sign that Microsoft can no longer sustain itself in the longer term?  I wonder if this is part of a larger downsizing plan for “streamlining” Microsoft?

At least Microsoft have conceded in this area, its a far more dignified defeat than dragging out a product, eh Microsoft?  I think for the first time Microsoft is admitting that it just can’t compete.

And as Dr Roy Schestowitz points out on Twitter (in respect of WordPress running off Linux)

So… WIndows live is now… #Linux powered

Which brings up one final point, after Bing tries to pimp itself on Android and now Live Spaces users are being powered by Linux, I wonder – Can we have an apology from Steve Ballmer for his “cancer” comment?

I wouldn’t think so.

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


5 thoughts on “Windows Live Spaces to be migrated to WordPress? By Microsoft?

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  1. “So the “service” that came about in 2006 has lasted about 4 years? ”

    Incorrect, it launched in December 2004, initially it was called MSN Spaces, but was renamed as part of Windows Live wave of services. This is not the first Microsoft discontinued a Windows Live service, a few years ago there was something like 40 of them. At least they made it easy to transfer to WordPress. I won’t be moving just yet, since I need to backup all my list first. Its bitter-sweet, but the writing was on the wall. In respect to spam, the last update made some significant improvements in that area, but too little, too late. By the way, doesn’t Google kill off services all the time? Look at Google Wave, there is also a site dedicated to dead Google projects.

  2. Thanks for that. I stand corrected. The information came from Techcrunch which stated 2006 and to be fair, the Product Live Wave (even though a rebranding) has lasted 4 years if livewave came in 06. That aside though, I appreciate the info.

    I’d like to address a few points you make as I think they have relevance to this discussion:

    Quote “At least they made it easy to transfer to WordPress.”

    Yes, they did. Lets look at the options. Microsoft has a service which carries quite alot of data and has quite a few users, can you imagine the backlash against Microsoft if they merely killed the product? Thats why we read that the “deal” was “not financial”….of course it wouldn’t be, WordPress would be pleased with an influx of users and Microsoft stops a potential outcry by passing over their users.

    Quote “In respect to spam, the last update made some significant improvements in that area, but too little, too late.”

    Thats a fair comment. I noticed the improvement on your blog with spam, however even you commented in regards to spam before then, it really was out of control to the point of hampering any possible conversation.

    Quote “By the way, doesn’t Google kill off services all the time? Look at Google Wave”

    Agreed and in respect of Google Wave, I covered that. What is different for me here is that I think Microsoft has been very clever, to me its cut costs by removing a service and at the same time passed over its customers to another company, no backlash, no PR nightmare and everyones a winner. The question now needs to be asked, what on the web is Microsoft actually succeeding at?

    In regards to migration Andre, are you able to keep the MS template or are you forced to adopt a wordpress one?

    I personally think your blog will benefit in the more visually diverse WordPress world and allow a far more unique blog. Of course, you’ll be relying on Linux though! 😉

    Best of luck with your new “home” and who knows? maybe i’ll pop along once in a while? 😉

    Kind regards


  3. Tim that is fair enough Andre Da Costa has put you right on a small point of timing. This is the least he could do as you educated him to not pretend to be other people. Does he imagine his reputation has improved just because a little time has gone by and he thinks we all have the attention span of a news cycle? To you Andre, the difference between Google and MS is that Google is not in its golden years resorting to bad law to make a living.

  4. Quote “Tim that is fair enough Andre Da Costa has put you right on a small point of timing”

    Very true, although if you count the rebranding as the beginning of the Live Spaces “life”, then when they killed the product, my timing was accurate… Are we to measure Bing on its previous incarnations or from the point of rebranding?

    It was a moot point anyway and if Andre wants to declare the start of life of Live Spaces when it had a different branding, thats fine by me and I’m happy to post his point. It did appear though that other news outlets agreed with me and classified the life of live spaces being from the day it was named as such.

    Kind regards

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