I won’t be censoring anyone, I won’t be deleting anything

Over the last few days Ive been giving that statement some thought.  Those who remember Robotron from his early posting will recall that he would try all sorts of tricks to try and get the better of me in debate of whatever false claim he was trying to make.  That for me was fine, as people saw he was easily shown up.  When it became obvious to Robotron that he couldn’t better me in a debate, his posts became increasingly vulgar and after the many comments of support, Ive made a decision.

Ive always prided myself on allowing freedom of speech for everyone, I think its a fundamental right and certainly something which should be supported on my blog.   Robotron tested that freedom by insulting just about anyone he could, posting the most vulgar and insulting comments.  If I was the only target it would not be a problem, I certainly can handle any petty insult Robotron’s twisted mind could conjure up.  However I found myself being offended on behalf of the other readers of this blog in probably the sickest display of comments Ive ever seen coming from one poster.

For the rest of you nothing will change.  I’ve always said I welcome a challenge to my opinions and prefer people disagreeing with me and having a good debate rather than all commenters “singing from the same hymn sheet”.   There should also be no automatic holding of comments when you post them.

For Robotron though, he cannot be allowed to post his filth here and by the time you read this measures are in place to prevent him from doing so.

I would ask you exercise a little patience whilst the filters are in place but since Robotron has proved over the last few days that he can offer nothing of value, his posts will be filed in the same place the ads for jewelry/shoes, in the spam bin.  Whilst the filter is being refined some of his vulgarity may slip through, so still exercise caution.  If there is such time when Robotron is able to post without using vulgar terms, he may be allowed back on.   In the meantime he will be gone and he will have to find another outlet for his vulgar and twisted mind.

I will still keep my no censorship policy by keeping all of his held comments and publishing them all every month or so on another site (to which I will post a link if anyone’s interested) these comments of his will be unedited, so whilst I don’t want them in my comments section insulting others, I can give him his freedom of speech elsewhere when I paste all of his comments in a text file that I will offer fir download every month or so.

Has Robotron “won”? Yes, I supposed he has, if his mission was to have his material moved from my comments section,  although since his posts will be still be offered for download, I’m not censoring anything, merely moving.  He has though managed to test even my freedom of speech policy and maybe people like Robotron show that the world is not yet ready for complete freedom of speech because some abuse it.

I don’t make this decision lightly.  As many who have known me over the years, Im stubborn and don’t change my mind on anything very easily.  If it wasn’t for the amount of contact by readers supporting such a ban and a flurry of new commenters giving me support, I don’t think it would have been as easy to reach this decision.

I draw no inference to the motives behind Robotron’s decision to try to destroy the comments, but one thing is certain, he could not do it with adult debate and had to resort to what we have seen over the last few days.

Rambling aside, I’d like to say to everyone else, continue posting – agree with, disagree with me,  I don’t care.  Thank you for allowing me to write on OpenBytes by reading and giving me over 2 years (so far) of enjoyment.

Unfortunately for Robotron OpenBytes will be “closedbytes” his filth will be published elsewhere.

Kindest regards


UPDATE: He’s really gone for it this morning.  Alot of IP address (and ranges) have been blocked.  Quite simple to tell which proxies he’s using.  All have been reported to in regards to whats been posted here and hopefully he will find that some of them are not as anonymous as he thinks.