Microsoft reported to side with Oracle – Not really shocking?

Android, the mobile platform that when it can Microsoft allegedly tries to create a revenue stream from is showing (according to reports) where it puts its support in the Oracle case.

Of course the absence of Android from their latest publicity stunt and the way Android is the platform consumers are demanding, is probably reason enough for Microsoft to be a little miffed.  Tivanka Ellawala is reported to have said:

At the most simplistic level, the IP [intellectual property] issues around the Android situation and certainly the IP issues that we have discussed, it does infringe on a bunch of patents and there are costs associated with that. And this is not just an issue for us. It may also be an issue as some companies have already stated. So there is an upfront fee cost associated with Android that, I think, doesn’t make it free.


On that same article it also reports:

Windows Mobile, meanwhile, is expected to slip from fifth to sixth place in the rankings

Which comes as little surprise since over the life of this blog Ive commented on my experiences of Winmob with a MDA Mail.   Lets also cast our minds back to the praise Kin received from some individuals and whilst most tech observers were predicting a flop (it was blatantly obvious in the case of Kin) we were called haters and accused of dishonesty.  These claims were never retracted when the Kin was withdrawn having allegedly sold only 500 units.  500 units for a company like Microsoft? And we “haters” were right weren’t we?

As I mentioned in the comments section of the previous article (kindly prompted by a resident troll) Verizon is allegedly not jumping on board with Windows Mobile 7 at its launch.  This must come as a blow to Microsoft, but then after the Kin experience who could blame Verizon if they have been put off getting involved in Microsoft’s latest “innovations”.

I strongly suggest you read the Registers article.  Whilst Microsoft siding with Oracle may not be “news”, to me shows just how impossible it considers the task of competing with Android.  Windows Mobile 7 will be touting great “sales” on launch day, just remember they are giving them away to their employee’s for free (apparently)…

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


8 thoughts on “Microsoft reported to side with Oracle – Not really shocking?

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  1. Microsoft has been lost since Apple started getting its teeth into its business MetooMicro$ost cant sustain its organization with so many losses to every parts of it business. no wonder M$ stock is stagnant .

  2. I heard that Microsoft’s total sales where about 5,000, which is better than 500, but not good enough to make the product successful.

    As to the IP issue, I’m working on an article which covers that now, I’ll let you know when I post it.

  3. Lol! Even on an article that’s about Oracle suing Google, you’ve managed to make Microsoft the main story! Well done, Goblin, you’ve conclusively proven that “some proprietary companies” isn’t a code-phrase for Microsoft. Oh no, not at all…

    Coming up: turns out there was a bit of genocide in Rwanda around 1994. What was Microsoft’s role in that? Goblin investigates!

    1. Well yes, since its a rather pertinent point that Microsoft (allegedly friend of all including FOSS) is supporting the side of something which has the potential to harm their competitor at a time when Windows Mobile 7 is about to be released.


      So Microsoft doesn’t mind if Android and Apple take the market share and leave Windows Mobile 7 looking like a Kin in terms of deployment….Im sure Microsoft would smile sweetly and say “fair game” whilst they think up another innovation…Come on.

      The tragedy is I don’t blame Microsoft for wanting to get the better of its competition. If I had Microsoft stock I would expect them to do it.

      1. No, Goblin, the tragedy is that you can’t seem to write a piece without drawing Microsoft into it. Even when Microsoft’s only involvement is a spokesperson’s off-the-cuff comment at a financial analyst’s conference. I was actually looking forward to, oh I don’t know, a bit of insight or analysis from the Mind of Goblin about Oracle, Java, Software Patents, Google, Android, the JDK, the TCK, … but no, screw those pertinent points, it’s Microsoft that’s at issue.

        Sad, Goblin. Sad and pathetic.

        1. I welcome your opinion. You do have a right to express it.

          You’re always welcome here. I would discuss further however I’m in my dinner break and on an HTC and I’d rather let the readers decide for themselves.

  4. Ha, M$ siding with Oracle ??? When Google did as M$ has done with M$ Java JRE machine ??? And M$ got sued by Sun then… Talk about turncoats and a shameless face…

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