Dear Readers/Friends

I feel I should write this post to everyone and apologize on behalf of some resident trolls who have taken to vulgar, offensive, rude posting in the comments section.  I wont name them as to do so gives undue attention but I would like now to make a short statement in respect of these posts and censorship.

The behaviour of some, who seem to get very angry when I post articles that are less than complimentary to Microsoft have put me in a difficult position.  I hold freedom of speech one of the most important freedoms we have and even more so on my blog.  I find myself caught between being disgusted at the behaviour of some and not wanting to censor.  What I would ask you to consider is why should people behave like this?  Why is posting the way I do so offensive to some that they have to resort to homophobic, racist and vulgar text?  I’ll let you decide that.

I won’t be censoring anyone, I won’t be deleting anything, what I’d ask is that if you do get offended, merely skip the comments section altogether, whilst the trolls don’t have concern for someone who may be upset by their posts, I do and would not want anyone upset by their inability to post like adults.

This behaviour was witnessed over on Microsoft-Watch a few years ago when it became clear that the comments section were being used by more Linux users than Windows….of course your average Wintroll couldn’t handle this and just before Joe Wilcox left we saw a flurry of comments which were of a similar vulgar nature.

Unfortunately for the trolls visiting here, I’m not going anywhere and this behaviour only encourages me to spend even more time asking the questions, challenging the inappropriate and showing people alternatives in their software solutions.

One thing the trolls are good for, when explaining to people the benefits of FOSS, I can show them what happens when you praise it…people become concerned and try to silence you…that in itself says alot.

Kindest regards

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.