For the record – Censorship and OpenBytes

Dear Readers/Friends

I feel I should write this post to everyone and apologize on behalf of some resident trolls who have taken to vulgar, offensive, rude posting in the comments section.  I wont name them as to do so gives undue attention but I would like now to make a short statement in respect of these posts and censorship.

The behaviour of some, who seem to get very angry when I post articles that are less than complimentary to Microsoft have put me in a difficult position.  I hold freedom of speech one of the most important freedoms we have and even more so on my blog.  I find myself caught between being disgusted at the behaviour of some and not wanting to censor.  What I would ask you to consider is why should people behave like this?  Why is posting the way I do so offensive to some that they have to resort to homophobic, racist and vulgar text?  I’ll let you decide that.

I won’t be censoring anyone, I won’t be deleting anything, what I’d ask is that if you do get offended, merely skip the comments section altogether, whilst the trolls don’t have concern for someone who may be upset by their posts, I do and would not want anyone upset by their inability to post like adults.

This behaviour was witnessed over on Microsoft-Watch a few years ago when it became clear that the comments section were being used by more Linux users than Windows….of course your average Wintroll couldn’t handle this and just before Joe Wilcox left we saw a flurry of comments which were of a similar vulgar nature.

Unfortunately for the trolls visiting here, I’m not going anywhere and this behaviour only encourages me to spend even more time asking the questions, challenging the inappropriate and showing people alternatives in their software solutions.

One thing the trolls are good for, when explaining to people the benefits of FOSS, I can show them what happens when you praise it…people become concerned and try to silence you…that in itself says alot.

Kindest regards

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


9 thoughts on “For the record – Censorship and OpenBytes

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  1. Why don’t you just do a really simple thing and post the IP address, like wikipedia does.

    Believe ME, it will most effective.

    1. Thanks for the feedback,

      The vulgar posts are made through a proxy. Theres little point in publishing them and in anycase it would just give me extra work that would distract me.

      Another new poster here, thanks & welcome!

  2. Just out of curiosity, do you figure this guy is the same person that occasionally posts comments on boycottnovell that make Dr. Roy uncomfortable? Insulting demeanor aside, it doesn’t look like even a remote match in terms of writing style.

    All things aside though, you shouldn’t be afraid of deleting comments like these. Free speech and all that, but this is your blog, and this idiot is obviously just trying to insulting you. Try not to pull a Roy and use it as an excuse to claim you are being persecuted by a company that in all probability doesn’t even know you exist — no offense. That just demeans your message because while it might be useful as a PR tactic, no one outside of your circle of twitter friends actually believes it.

    1. To be fair as I’ve always said the motive or intention is irrelevant as the more important point is the potential to offend some readers.

      This is not persecution in my view its more just the attempts to bully by someone who doesn’t like me being less than complimentary about Microsoft…… I draw no inference to why they do this, rather ask others to consider that.

      I believe this is the first time you’ve commented here. Your input is welcomed.

  3. I am so sorry to see that you are attracting comments from people who seem to want to poison the well. Freedom of speech is a value that all too often falls at the first fence and I support your decision to uphold it despite the repercussions. I think Roy was right in advising you to ignore the attacks, perhaps you could place a permanant posting policy statement and ask people to rise above the and ignore the unsavoury posts. Let us hope it does not last as long as the cola group.

    1. Hi Satipera!

      In a way I hope it does continue. There are many allegations about my posts, what I believe and what my intentions are. I’ve repeatedly said to others that the IT industry has no bearing whatsoever on my job (other than if it migrated to a different platform, I’d be using different software) what I am trying to show by allowing freedom of speech is that I really don’t care what people say about me.

      The only drawback to the is the lengths some will go to offend. I do hope other readers realize that the vulgar troll who posts here is unique and certainly not representative of a champion of any platform.

      Thanks for the message Satipera.

      Kindest regards


    1. Appreciated Andre. Whilst as you say we have our differences in opinion at least they are debated properly and without offense to others.

      If you want to report the bad behaviour, I’d happily provide you with the IP address of the disgusting remark that was made.

      One thing he is succeeding in doing is bringing people together not driving a wedge on the site. Thanks again.

      What I am doing is reporting the matter to WordPress to see if there is a way to not allow insecure proxies to post here. Then, if he does want to post (as is his right) he’ll have to take responsibility and do it with his own IP.

      Kind regards

  4. Tim, Robotron is only doing this because he couldn’t get the better of you with his arguments. Stick with it!

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