Windows hit again – yet another “worm” – Victims include Disney, Nasa, AIG and others?

Windows is reported to be yet again under attack and as usual it is the end-user who suffers.  The BBC is reporting that a worm, spread by unsuspecting souls opening a PDF attached to an email, see’s their Outlook address book hijacked with the worm sending itself out to everyone contained therein.

The worm also reportedly tries to disable any security software it encounters and also tries to manipulate USB and other devices.  Of course sadly, for many Windows this is not unique and maybe the blasé attitude the average Windows user has to security is through to a resignation to the fact that they will be victims anyway.

The BBC reports:

Efforts to contain the virus were aided late on 9 September when the website hosting the worm was shut down. However, security firms expect new variants of the worm to turn up.


So happy times are here again as this worm is forked by unscrupulous individuals ad infinitum.   As is usually the case, I am sure we will see a “Microsoft blames…..” press release or interview, it’s not Microsoft’s fault, its yours.  At the moment, its reported that Nasa, Disney and others have been hit and are “struggling to contain” the outbreak.  It should be noted that of course Microsoft has little control over a malicious PDF which instructs Outlook to perform in this way, but then this is just the latest example of the day to day issues Windows users can face.  Do me a favour, speak to the “average Joe” computer user and see if they have a good word to say about Microsoft.

Life is wonderful as a Windows user isn’t it?

Goblin –

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7 thoughts on “Windows hit again – yet another “worm” – Victims include Disney, Nasa, AIG and others?

  1. Word! Listen to Goblin, Yo. Fucking Microbitch raped his wife. He’s all serious about security and stuff. Dat shit does not be happening with Linux. Unless you’re a nub that didn’t RTFMN, but only a puck-ass bitch would do that.

  2. Insecurity as a way of life.

    I don’t know how much time I’ve saved since I stopped using Windows, but since I no longer have to worry about system maintenance in a house where all five adults have two or more computers, it’s a lot.

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