Can a Microsoft “stunt” ever go right? & looking at what we know of Mobile 7

…so bad I hurled not laughed. It is godawful disgusting marketing.

Source: Joe Wilcox of Betanews on a previous Microsoft marketing attempt.

If Windows 7 party, Kin and unfunny shoe commercials hadn’t convinced you that Microsoft is rather out of touch, maybe this next piece of news will.

It is being reported that there’s been a “parade” (and I use that term loosely) to “celebrate” Windows Mobile 7 hitting RTM.    Now normally parades are something to be celebrated, but remember this is a Microsoft product which is being celebrated, so you know it will go wrong.   The organisers of this Windows Mobile 7 parade decided not to go down the boring, silly normal route and instead seem to believe that people would want to see a fake “funeral” of Apple and Blackberry in light of Windows Mobile 7.

You can read more about this latest effort on Engadget and I think their comments sum it up rather well:

We’d say this is done in poor taste, but we don’t enjoy stating the obvious. We will, however, enjoy the fallout from this poorly judged stunt.

Now the question that needs to be asked – Is Microsoft so out of touch they thought this would be a good idea? or is this another demonstration of Microsoft arrogance? – It really believes people will dump Apple and Blackberry to rush out and buy WM7?

What may have been more appropriate would have been a funeral for the Microsoft Kin phone that promised much and then was subsequently killed by Microsoft because nobody bought it….and more importantly it was awful.

Now it could be said that this is some clever PR stunt by Microsoft in order to get Windows Mobile 7 talked about, after all how many people do you know that have even heard of it, let alone want one?  So I thought I would remind everyone of Microsoft’s previous phones and efforts just so you can keep it in the back of your mind if someone tries to sell you one of these devices later.  These links can be found at the end of the article.

Earlier this year Chris Pirillo covered a video interview with Microsoft, “showcasing”  Windows Mobile 7, and from what I saw the misfitting menu system that tries to copy Android’s slide feature with the titles of the menu not seeming to fit comfortably on the page, the “innovations” which we’ve seen for a long while with Android merely rebadged under a different name and the Microsoft salesman trying to say “people I care about” ten times a minute in relation to contacts on the phone to try and convince people that the “friendly”Microsoft wants people to enjoy its “friendly” phone. Side note: Microsoft, get yourself a new salesman, this ones more transparent than one of Steve Ballmer’s sweaty shirts.  But none of this obvious selling could prepare anyone for the horror when the phones menu pans down and I see the two icons  “Internet Explorer” and “Zune”.

Whilst its to be expected that a Microsoft phone would have Internet Explorer, I wonder what desktop Windows users will think about having it on a mobile after they have experienced desktop IE loose on the net.  I don’t think I need to provide any links.

I think most people who have used Internet Explorer will understand the pain that can be had with the plethora of exploits vulnerabilities and malware that can infect it.  It was even mentioned on the Channel 4 sitcom “IT Crowd” when an infected Windows machine was show to the character Roy, who said words to the effect of  Its infected, if that was a human being I would shoot it in the face……you want to walk around with a laptop from the Exorcist…its not my problem Now imagine that in your pocket, with access to premium rate phone calls and personal data.  Happy times are here again?

I can’t work out which will be worse, the fall out from bad Microsoft ads or phone itself….It’s going to be a very entertaining October.  I am sure Apple and Android users will find the proceedings must viewing.

Dr Schestowitz wrote a very interesting article on the Mobile market and Microsoft, you can read that here:

If you stop thinking of Microsoft as an innovator and start thinking of them as a fast, low-cost, mass market follower, you’ll stop being disappointed in their inability to divine new markets…

Source: Katherine Egbert’s comment, reported on Market Watch

Couldn’t have said it better myself – a follower not an innovator, but whilst Apple and Android are leaping ahead, are you wanting the follower and its mobile “devices”?

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5 thoughts on “Can a Microsoft “stunt” ever go right? & looking at what we know of Mobile 7

  1. Man, I bet it was Ballmer’s idea. I’m going to F…ing bury Apple and Blackberry. Oh, yeah, dream on bald fatso guy.

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