Windows Mobile 7 – Here so Zune(sic) ?

Dr Schestowitz of TechRights wrote an interesting article on the pre-release woes of Microsoft’s latest scheme:

Vista Phone 7 has everything it takes to never take off. It’s a case of too little, too late. Applications and games are not compatible with this platform, which starts almost from zero and has no compelling features, let alone support from principal partners like Samsung


I quote this as it’s relevant to the next piece of news which has been reported by that a Zune pricing plan for the UK has been leaked.

A handy tipster sent us a screen shot from the Zune desktop software which conveniently reveals the UK pricing for the service, which is expected to launch concurrently with the phones in mid-October.  Prices for the “service” are alleged to start at £8.99 for 10 Song “credits” per month.


I’ll put aside this convenient “leak” for a minute and answer a couple of questions that you may have.  Whats a Zune?  It’s the device which Microsoft released to compete with the iPod, which never really made the grade.  In 2008/9 on Microsoft Watch, users in the comments section were mentioning that the Zune was in bargain buckets at stores over Xmas time.  Zune also operated on a subscription type service, which didn’t capture much imagination either.

For me, the Zune is best remembered for its failure at the turn of 2009, when some models of the Zune didn’t welcome in the new year and crashed (lets hope there were no parties relying on a Zune as a juke box)

There have been rumours (and alleged cancellations) in respect of the Zune – and if it was coming to the UK.  Now it appears it may be, albeit via a service on the Windows Mobile 7 platform and whilst its unlikely that we will ever suffer a “stand-alone” Zune over in the UK, its subscription service is coming your way to suck up some more of your money via proxy (Windows Mobile 7).

So what of this leak?  Excuse me if I’m skeptical.  Very convenient at a time when Mobile 7 is about to hit the market and people are talking about Android and Apple products.

Maybe Microsoft’s all or nothing Mobile gamble (in my opinion) is also all or nothing for the Zune and its “service”?

As one user commented (in respect of the pricing plan):

….grooveshark and spotify have free options for streaming… why would i pay a 10er a month for basically the same thing? yes you get 10 songs to download a month, but alot of the albums I buy online are around £5 and have almost 20 tracks on.

Who knows what the future holds for Microsoft on the desktop, but I think as far as mainstream smart phone platforms are concerned, they lost the battle a long time ago.

And who really cares about Windows Mobile 7 anyway? I don’t see any excitement about it.  Maybe someone can help me here?

Goblin –

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4 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 7 – Here so Zune(sic) ?

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  1. I thought it was clear by now that nobody was interested in buying subscription music from Microsoft? There are better, easier and cheaper ways to buy music. Nokia already tried this as well. Didn’t work out too well for them either.

    1. Hi!

      I think that Microsoft are behind the times…as always….having said that any phone user presented with yet more bills for more Microsoft stuff won’t be surprised….you can never buy too much, there’s always something else Microsoft wants to sell you.

      Its funny listening to the MS advocates talk about WM7, it was not too long about I was told by one of the MS faithful

      “The Kin is the greatest social networking phone ever…” (or words to that effect)

      I think the Microsoft PR machine no longer fools anyone. I think this is why Microsoft is struggling in any new market it turns its hand to.

  2. I have owned two Zune devices and have been a long time fan of the quality of the devices and slickness of the Zune website. But what has killed the Zune is the complete lack of applications needed to make use of WiFi. Zune HD is a great device, but it does not have a phone, duh what were they thinking?! I am not willing to carry two devices. I can’t think of many people who would.

    I threw in the towel earlier this month and purchased an iPhone 4 when I resigned my contract with AT&T. Next, I am putting my Zune players on Ebay.

    Windows Mobile 7 is a myth. It won’t happen.

  3. Quote “I have owned two Zune devices and have been a long time fan of the quality of the devices and slickness of the Zune website”

    I think the quality of the device (putting aside the 2009 new year bug on some models) was never in question and I don’t recall the build quality ever being brought into question.

    I think you cover the points as to its lackluster acceptance, very well….however I think there is another issue thats relevant….rightly or wrongly…fashion….

    If we are honest, who thinks Microsoft products are fashionable? Who wants the Microsoft logo sticking out of their pocket? I think the desire for Apple products is helped by the fact that many consumers see them as items of status…that and they are solid products…

    Whilst I personally would go Android over Apple any time, I must say that my wife is very pleased with all her Apple purchases.

    Quote “Windows Mobile 7 is a myth. It won’t happen.”

    Maybe a myth in the actual sales that Microsoft believes it will get V reality but in terms of the phone, the “next of Kin”(sic) will certainly be hitting the market and the victims here will be not the once bitten twice shy customers who avoid this latest Microsoft effort, but the shareholders who after the Kin exercise, cannot be too pleased in my opinion on the direction Microsoft has gone with the mobile market.

    I believe you are a new poster Chris….Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Kind regards


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