NewsBytes – Thursday 2nd September 2010

uTorrent for Linux nearly here!

I reported a few months back that due to popular demand (so much for an alleged 0.8% Linux usage) the makers of uTorrent announced that they would be releasing a Linux version of the popular Windows binary. uTorrent server has just been released for Linux and a full client is due in the coming weeks.

The creators of uTorrent say on their blog:

When we started our Idea Bank a few months ago, a Linux version was immediately the most requested feature, and has stayed #1 ever since.  We’ve heard you loud and clear, and today, we’ve taken a notable first step toward making it a reality……

Today’s version is only the first step, and we will continue to support the Linux user community with new versions in the near future. If you prefer to stick to more conventional user experience, rest assured we are working hard to build a full-featured client, coming soon. µTorrent Linux will offer the same clean and full featured UI that millions of users of of µTorrent on Windows have enjoyed.  We are hoping to get this out to you for testing in a few months. Stay tuned!


Microsoft IE market share drops again?

Its being reported over at ITProPortal that Microsoft’s browser is dropping in popularity again:

The overall market share of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser fell by 0.34 per cent in August to end up at 60.4 per cent, despite a rise of 1.03 per cent in IE8’s marketshare.

Source: ITProPortal

Why bother with Windows when theres KDE?

Bruce Byfield has written a very interesting article entitled “7 things you can do in KDE but not in Windows”  A good read and makes a very valid point which Microsoft Advocates will do anything to stop you from believing (since for many of them claim Linux is hobbyist):

What I am saying is that KDE far outstrips Windows 7 in features that enhance the way you work on the desktop …. if I want functionality comparable to Windows on the operating system of my choice, I can turn to minimalist desktops like LXDE or Xfce — all of which run with much less hard disk space or RAM than Windows 7

Source: Datamation

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


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