Puppy Arcade 9 – New release!

Gaming not what it used to be?  Bored by the plethora of 3rd person shooters which seem to dominate the games market?

Well there has been no reason to say that ever since Puppy Arcade had it’s first release –  Puppy Arcade caters for probably every platform of yesteryear you could want and then some more.

Puppy Arcade is a distro I have covered numerous times in the past, in fact it is one of the few which I try keeping up to date with.  An excellent distro which is a testament to not only the hard work of its creator (Scott Jarvis) but also his genuine love of the emulation scene.  Redundant hardware in need of a new life?  Use Puppy Arcade to turn it into a retro console!

Previous Openbytes reviews of Puppy Arcade  here: v8,  v7 , v6 and I also had the pleasure of a Q&A with Scott Jarvis which can be found here with the review of v5.

The new version of Puppy Arcade, like those before it, is further improvement on a distro that even in its early days impressed with its platform diversity and rock solid stability whilst at the same time requiring very modest specs and I think you will find that even the most dated of your rigs will be able to find life again with this distro.

Puppy arcade clocks in at a 105mb download, which is amazing in itself when you consider how much is packed into it.

Changes to version 9 include (taken from homepage):

upgraded emulators, improved system setup, more help, improved quick start dialog, BIOS installer and frontend downloaders with even more optons in all the default emulator choosers and a better all-in-one, cabinet-friendly, multi-emulator rom-loader……Various networking and system scripts have been updated, adding fixes found on the Puppy Forum, while keeping the changes that make ‘TurboPup’ such an ideal, fast, base distro. Many apps have also been added or updated, and it has a nicer desktop taskbar, with easier system setup, thanks to some updated and customised JWM tray tools.

Again taken from the site, Puppy Arcade emulates the following platforms:

Amiga (500, 1000, 2000), Apple (68k, 128k, 512k, SE, MacOS, Plus), Atari (ST, 800, 800XL, 130XE, 5200), Amstrad (CPC, Plus, VEB), Arcades, Colecovision, Commodore (64, 128, VIC20, PET), GameBoys (GB, GBC, GBA), GameGear, Genesis/MegaDrive, MasterSystem, MS DOS, MSX, N64, NeoGeo, NeoGeo CD, NES/Famicom, PC Engine/TurboGrafix, PSX, ScummVM, SNES and ZX Spectrum (16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3) and more!

So download your copy of Puppy Arcade today.  I’ve been impressed with all the releases to date with Puppy Arcade 9 being no exception.

You can visit the homepage of Puppy Arcade here: http://scottjarvis.com/page105.htm

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


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