Microsoft to flog the dead horse with $400 million+ ? – Windows Mobile 7

Cast your mind back to some of the Microsoft adverts of the past.   Lets reminisce with a wry smile at the shoe commercials that were supposed to be funny.  Let’s remember the Windows 7 party adverts that were so wooden, that they made an episode of Home & Away look like a cinematic masterpiece.   Then we had the “Kin” the f’Kin (sic) phone that must have hurt Microsoft badly when not only did the advertising fail to impress, but the phone itself was dumped shortly after (allegedly after pushing only a few more than 500 units).

It appears Microsoft just can’t relate to people with many products or its advertising in my view.  For example, it’s very easy to tout success with Windows 7, when as my recent article touched on, you get no choice over what comes pre-loaded on your machine when you enter a store.  I could tout millions of deployments of my operating system if I was able to preload it on all the machines at a retailer.

That aside though, its been reported that Microsoft is to stuff 400 million dollars in the war chest to pimp their next experiment (Windows Mobile 7) and it will be investors (I would assume) who are thinking that with this figure, plus the giveaway of phones to Microsoft employee’s should prove very costly if Win Mob goes the way of the Kin.  After all, Windows 7 Mobile is said by some to be its “next of Kin”

When you consider the popularity of Android (with or without the Microsoft tax on it) and Apple’s offering, one has to wonder if 400 million is enough, or indeed if you could put a figure on the advertising revenue needed to rescue Win Mob 7 from the fallout of the Kin and the issues some people had with Win Mob before it.

Don’t worry though, if Windows Mobile fails, they can always try again because as long as people buy into the experiment then there will always be a “next time”.

In the meantime we can wonder if the 400 million will be well spent.  Here are a selection of comments regarding “campaigns” we have seen before from Microsoft:

…The House Party video is so bad I hurled not laughed. It is godawful disgusting marketing…….The video is so 1950s bad and boring, I wonder if there is some hidden revelation about Microsoft corporate culture. It’s all so staid, so contained, so contrived………Wouldn’t you just die if the Microsoft marketing makeover made you look like the people in the video?….

Source: Joe Wilcox – Betanews

…Let’s face it, the Windows 7 launch party concept was a complete and utter failure. The YouTube video Microsoft created to market the launch party concept certainly got attention, but for all the wrong reasons….Microsoft has had many failed attempts at being hip and cool. Microsoft Bob. The Office paperclip character. The Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld ads that seemed to require some sort of psychotropic mind enhancement in order for them to make sense. It just doesn’t work……

Source: Tony Bradley – PCWorld

…I just watched the promotional video of ‘Kin’ on Daily Telegraph and feeling disgusted….

Source: Jinnat Ul Hasan – Hasan Online

…In one scene, a young man pulls up his shirt and takes a photo of his bare chest before sending it to a female friend. The clip has sparked accusations that Microsoft is encouraging ‘sexting’…

Source: Claudine Beaumont – The Telegraph

We ought to remind everyone that there is a lot of sex and violence in Microsoft ads, which even had some of the company’s ads outright banned. We gave several examples in this Web site over the recent years.

Source: Dr Roy Schestowitz – Techrights

Do investors need any further proof that Microsoft ad campaigns are not always well received?  Who has faith that Windows Mobile 7 will be any different and even if it is, will it matter?  Sure there are people talking about Microsoft’s future phone endeavour, but these are professional and hobbyist tech enthusiasts.  The average consumer is busy raving about Android (in particular HTC) and Apple.

Microsoft seems to be claiming that many people are rushing to develop for Windows Mobile 7, but even if that’s true, what good is it if people are not buying into its advertising and more importantly, the product?

Goblin –

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6 thoughts on “Microsoft to flog the dead horse with $400 million+ ? – Windows Mobile 7

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  1. Something is wrong at Microsoft. Something has been wrong there for a long time, and it seems to be getting worse. Their new products just don’t seem to be made with the care and attention that things like DOS 6 were made with. Not that Microsoft has ever produced really hot products – Apple has them well beat there.

    The question is, how long will the company last? No more than five to ten years I would guess, unless something changes drastically. The first move to trying to get them back on track, is dumping most of senior management. Ballmer in particular needs to go.

    1. I think Ballmer is to go. I think he will go next year. I would doubt anything major will happen whilst Microsoft is releasing new products (Kinect, Win Mob 7) as they may loose Microsoft even more faith in the products.

      I would guess the only thing to save Ballmer will be hot Windows 7 Mobile sales…..I just can’t see that happening. Who would replace though?

      Kind regards

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