Continuing on from the previous article of  “Those “magnificent” softies in their flying machines” we now learn what happened at the Red Bull competition when Microsoft took to the skies.

A Microsoft “product” having an uptime of seconds was no surprise to me when after 15 seconds we learn Microsoft’s glider came right back down to earth.

As reported even on

after 15 seconds of movement, crashed off the end of pier on Long Beach, California. The result is hilarious also said:

Microsoft’s entry included the green, red, yellow and blue colours of the famous Windows Flag and a few Windows sounds mixed into an anthem prior to the “launch”

Which seems to mimic some of my experiences of Windows perfectly.  A short period of uptime, a few Windows noises,  followed by a crash.

You can read that article here.

As I said before, maybe the Microsoft Glider will be fixed on patch Tuesday? 😉

Goblin –

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