NewsBytes – Monday 23rd August 2010

Kinect beaten by Sony Move

Poor old Microsoft just can’t seem to get it right?  Kinect, Microsoft’s attempt in my opinion to suck a little more life out of the 360 has been beaten by Sony’s similar offering (Move) which won “Best hardware accessory”. CVG had this to say:

The jury, which consisted of celebrated German video games industry experts, overlooked Microsoft’s Kinect for the prize.


Xbox 360 woes….

Dr Schestowitz of Techrights takes an interesting look at the woes of the 360 including products on hold, sales and much more.  The  question I would like to put to my readers: How many 360’s of yours RROD? and how much longer will you be wanting to stay with 360 specs? Dr Schestowitz had this to say:

Microsoft lost the consoles war a long time ago. The Xbox 360 might be the last product to ever come out of Microsoft to test absorption of DRM in the mass market. What a hallmark of restrictions in one’s own living room.


Telegraph comments on Linux/FOSS

The Telegraph writes about the three better known platforms – Windows, Apple and Linux.  They have this to say about Linux, which whilst I would correct the “difficulty/experts” part (Ive deployed Linux to many users who have no interest or knowledge in computing), its a fair assessment of the power of Linux that Ive had in all my years using it.  Get yourself a LiveCD and see for yourself how wrong the “expert” part of the Telegraph article really is.  In their article they had this to say:

Definitely the hardest operating system to learn but also the most formidably powerful. A computer running Linux is capable of doing everything a Windows or Mac computer can but has the added bonus of most software being free. However, it’s really only for experts.


The Telegraph goes on to write about OpenOffice and compares to the cash cow of Microsoft Office saying :

Just as capable for most users as anything Microsoft can offer and totally free, Open Office is the software of choice for those on a budget. The word processing program easily matches Word and much of the other PowerPoint and spreadsheet capabilities are extremely close.


Do the majority of users need to pay for alleged extra features of Microsoft’s Office?  Try OpenOffice for yourself, its free. What have you to lose?

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


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