HTC Desire HD to hit the UK in September?

Rumours are abound that September will see the launch of the HTC Desire HD in the UK.  Based on the same processor as the Desire and shipping with Android 2.2, the Desire HD is rumoured to come with HD video capture (720p) and an 8 megapixel camera.

The announcement (and reveal) of the Desire HD could be made at an HTC event on September 15th which was reported on Engadget, where they say:

Time to get our guessing caps on as HTC has announced it’ll be hosting a little shindig in London in the middle of next month.

It is rightly reported that Windows 7 mobile is due to get its release around October and maybe this event in London will be “showcasing” Microsoft’s latest attempt to break the Mobile Market to the extent of Apple or Android.  Best of luck Microsoft,  since I’ve seen more reports of what isn’t part of Windows Mobile 7 rather than what is and I struggle to see how Windows 7 Mobile will be anything more than yet another costly mistake to shareholders.  Microsoft is after all coming off the back of the disastrous Kin even forgetting the fact that when it arrives it has two giant mobile platforms to take on.


If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


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  1. HTC and Samsung both pay Microsoft for Linux patents. Why are you hyping up these companies if you claim to be anti-Microsoft?

    1. I’m not sure where why you think I’m anti Microsoft. I’m not Anti anything. I repeatedly say I am pro “best products for me” and that is not Microsoft. If you had cared to check out the article I wrote on HTC you will see my resentment at having to fund Microsoft with my HTC.

      I suppose if I was anti anything it would be anti ms pr. That’s why my articles often have a tongue in cheek view of Microsoft whilst highlighting a more important message. I think the damage MS does to free choice is obvious and its up to the many blows and sites that offer alternatives to present that information in the hope that the end user makes the choice that is best for them. For me the foss part is irrelevant its the software itself, which for me is far better than anything Microsoft is offering. MS ads and PR say otherwise and that why its important for other voices to be heard to try and balance it.

      I am not part of some foss only club, if and when a proprietary solution is better for me I say so….take a look a few posts back where I comment that last year I chose an xp netbook over a Linux one and why.

      I hope that’s clear for you now and would suggest instead of making assumptions on the basis of one small article you have read, to maybe conduct more research before you start trying to second guess my view.

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