Mutiny in the MVP ranks? No freebie for them? & Microsoft wants to gift you!

No matter how hard the MVP's suck on the Microsoft teat, there's no milk today - or certainly in the case of Windows Mobile 7. Nevermind there other "freebies" for all!

We have regularly covered the “gifting” of companies to those that comment on the net.  For me there can be no better way to ensure loyalty as the receiver of the gift(s)/awards not only showers praise on the giver out of gratitude, but continue that praise in the hope more freebies are forthcoming.

All this is great for the giver, you have a pimp for your products who will flood every forum they visit with comments in favor of your company.  Of course the problem comes when the gifting stops; and we may be seeing an example now.

It’s being reported that MVP’s (of the Microsoft ilk) are a little upset that their sugar daddy is not providing them with a free Windows Mobile 7.  We heard recently that Microsoft will be giving them out to employee’s (no doubt to boost the numbers) and whilst I went on record by saying prior to its release it will crash and burn, there’s nothing like a freebie and some of the MVP’s want a piece of the action.

Unfortunately for them it’s not coming.  Maybe the catastrophic failure of the Kin and the millions lost with it, maybe its because that despite Microsoft implying success with Bing it is reported to still be loosing a lot of money.  Whatever the reason, the Microsoft teat is not giving milk to the MVP’s that are suckling on it greedily and that’s caused more than a few to be rather upset.

Over on it says:

While Microsoft will be giving away free Windows Phone 7 phone to all Microsoft employees, now MVPs want to get them. And there are several MVP groups related to Windows Phone: Windows Phone MVPs (the losers who think of themselves as power users)

But apparently has very little sympathy for them when it says:

Maybe instead of whining like little girls, MVPs who want to get free Windows Phone 7 should make some apps for Windows Phone 7 and then, and only then, demand free handset? Heh?

Oh well.  Bad news….But wait! all is not lost!  Microsoft is gifting something else!  Yep that’s right! Tell them your Microsoft Office story and you could get yourself a loaner PC!  Exactly what the terms of a loaner PC are, is anyones guess.  I filled in the online contact sheet asking that question and have had no reply.  Lets hope its not like the last time:

But then again, why not?  If you can’t get independent advocacy, why not buy it! To read more on the latest “scheme” on Microsoft and Office, you should go here, where its said:

Care to try a loaner PC loaded with Microsoft Office Professional 2010? Do you want to receive free web-based training and free product support as you learn Office 2010? If you’ve a good story to tell, we want to hear from you!

So at least MVP’s need not worry, theres still gear up for grabs!  Ive seen many “good stories” told by those Microsoft advocates who claim “independent thought”……one of them was called Lucy Buntu.

Goblin –

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