Two Android Apps of the Week! – FXcamera & Appeak Poker!

You could spend a career investigating the Android Marketplace, so with an hour or so to play with on my way to work each day, I can usually find one or two gems to highlight.  My only criteria is that they are free.  Lets take a look at this weeks Android discoveries:


My attempt at being creative with FXCamera. This is an example of Andy Warhol "mode". Any use? You decide!

The first app is FXcamera.  Why, I hear you ask should you need another camera app when you have a preloaded one with Android?  Simple, FXcamera offers a few “novelties” some of which work well, some of which are a bit of fun.

Upon running FXcamera you a presented with a screen offering you different effects, these are currently: Andy Warhol, Symmetricam, Fisheye, Polandroid and Toycam.

The package is currently in Beta although updates are regular.  The Polaroid and Andy Warhol “modes” work very well and Fxcamera integrates nicely into your OS offering to save or to send to the Internet.

I am still trying to work out how the Toycam makes your photo look like a toy.  I presume its the saturated colours that attempt to make the subject appear “plastic”, however in this early version, it doesn’t quite pull it off.

The Symmetricam is really quite self explanatory and makes a double of your picture, pasting the two together.   Fisheye, again pretty much says what it does.

So what is the point of this app when traditional photo editors can achieve these results anyway? Well, despite the fact that its “mobile”, you can also alter the effects to produce some interesting results.  Fxcamera costs nothing and is a great little app, that whilst can’t be expected to produce Photoshop like results, its certainly a bit of fun!

Simple and easy to play. Appeak Poker is a must for Android Texas Holdem fans!

Appeak Poker

Im not a gambler but I do like a game of “friendly” poker – especially when its not for cash and it’s played with people from around the world.  I even say this as I lost (17k game credit) in a game in the last hour!  A long time ago I review PokerTH for Linux which provided Texas Holdem with players from around the world.  I still play that game today.

It was only recently that my Android mobile computing experience was complete when I installed Appeak and had Texas Holdem in my pocket!  I won’t go into the rules here, but its a very easy to get into poker variant and incredibly good fun.

So what does it offer?  Appeak have created a very simple way to register and its all done in the package.  You are required to provide an email address (however as I would find out later that would be very useful)  After you have created your account, you can pick one of about 18 avatars.  The game itself plays very well.  Icons of other players are spaced out well so that they are easy to read and do not make the screen seem cluttered.  There is a chat facility whilst you play which I havent seen used much other than to give reports on whats happening within the game.  There is a leader board which shows the top players (based on in-game chips) and as you earn more money you are able to play on the larger stakes tables.

Whilst Appeak Poker is only in Beta, its still very solid.  I’ve seen reports from some users about maintaining a connection to the server, but I think that is more to do with their provider and not a fault of the software itself.  I encountered one crash, which when I reported it (via the in-game option) found that it had automatically called up my email client and sent the report, all seamlessly and without bothering me at all.

A really great Texas Hold Em game.  Whilst the graphics will not blow you away, do they need to?  This is Poker – and its great fun!  Strongly recommended, you can find this within the Market Place.

Goblin –

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