Dell dares to speak out? Time for Microsoft to slap them down?

Has Dell been a bad dog and had a private telling off from Microsoft?

It was widely reported that Dell made the statement that Ubuntu (provided on some of the machines it offers) was safer than Windows on its website.  Whilst Dell has apparently seen the error of its ways to speak out against Microsoft, the VAR Guy website did save a copy of Dell’s original statements, which can be downloaded as a PDF document here.

PC Pro followed up this news and states that Dell responded with:

With regards to the information cited on the Ubuntu page on Dell’s website, it is not Dell’s intention to recommend one OS over another, but instead to offer some educational facts that may be of interest to customers considering a system with Ubuntu pre-installed.

You can read that here:

Although it does appear that Dell is a little confused, since one commenter points out:

Oh yea? The Dell website is always stating “Dell recommends Windows 7”. Sounds like a recommendation to me.

Maybe Dell just doesn’t understand what a recommendation is?  Maybe Dell is confused about what it recommends?  Or maybe after a word from Microsoft its decided just to make the whole thing go away by deleting what they said.  Who cares? Well Dell does and they are on hand again to give you some more advice.  Want to know if you should choose Windows or Ubuntu?  Fear not! Dell is here to help with these sage words wisdom (taken from PCPro here.  So you should choose Windows (over Ubuntu) if :

  • You are already using WINDOWS programs (e.g. Microsoft Office, iTunes etc) and want to continue using them
  • You are familiar with WINDOWS and do not want to learn new programs for email, word processing etc
  • You are new to using computers
  • Is this a joke?  Apparently not as Dell is alleged to continue with the advice.  You should choose Ubuntu if:

  • You do not plan to use Microsoft WINDOWS
  • You are interested in open source programming
  • I strongly recommend you visit the source of this info.  Pcpro makes an excellent article, and as they say:

    So, just to get this highly complex argument straight: you should use Windows if you’ve already used Windows or have never used Windows.

    I think you can tell by my tone, Im not particularly impressed with Dell and it appears neither is PCpro.

    Goblin –

    If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


    8 thoughts on “Dell dares to speak out? Time for Microsoft to slap them down?

    Add yours

    1. Poor Dell, they could make lots of money more if they increased the Linux use and adoption. Sticking with winblow$ is bad for them. They should jump the ship while they can, not sink along M$…

    2. I’m sure i read some where that the “We recommend Vista7” as a paid for advert from M$, why else would they suck so much M$ co*k, its pretty obvious.

    3. I see Dell is using the footgun again. The increasing pressure from Microsoft on computer OEMS and Vendors indicates that Microsoft is scared. And they have good reason to be. They spend ten years working on the Tablet PC concept, and Apple sold more tablets in two months than they did in the whole ten years.

      All of the other tablet partners are dumping Windows, either for WebOS (HP) or for some other GNU/Linux derivative.

      What would happen to Microsoft if this happened on the Desktop? Bankruptcy.

    4. Now, M$ is betting all its chips on “Cloud” computing. Yeah, right, they can’t even do the desktop right, are now trying to venture on the cloud.
      Cloud is a major league game. M$ is the newcomer, and I don’t think they’ll make waves on cloud computing, since governments and companies are all demanding a free and open cloud, so, I guess they’ll fail again.

      1. I remember when recently a certain MVP came here saying computing in the cloud was way in the future. Of course I think Microsoft believes that if people are not doing it their way, then its not happening.

        From what Ive seen, I don’t think Microsoft is going to make the money it requires from the cloud and I think if that becomes accepted in industry as the standard for computing solutions, then Microsoft can expect more losses as old customers realize that cloud computing need not be platform specific. After-all I can access Google Apps on either Linux/Mac/Windows/Android and a plethora of other platforms if I wish as an example. Where I work we have internal cloud based apps which could quite easily run within any browser and should our entire software suite move to the cloud, then Windows/IE or anything else would seem rather costly in the face of the same results achieved on a Linux platform for example.

        Kind regards

    5. Hey, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I like what you have to say. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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