Peppermint Ice – Press Release!

Press release received from the Peppermint dev team.  Due to a shortage of time (and a desire to get this news out) here is the release in full.  Peppermint Ice will be discussed/reviewed in depth next week:

Peppermint Ice:  Faster, Lighter and Aiming for the Clouds

Asheville, NC, USA  July 18, 2010

Just  three short months ago Peppermint OS released its first operating  system and since then has been riding a virtual tsunami of popularity  and served over 250,000 downloads of its OS One to 149 countries. On  Monday July 19th, 2010 this same feisty team of developers are ready to  release Peppermint Ice, another variant its operating system that is  even lighter, faster and more cloud application focused.

Peppermint Ice will  boast Google’s Chromium as its default web browser, which is speedy on  its own, but is boosted to even faster performance on the super sleek  and lightweight Peppermint Ice platform.

What is Ice?

Ice is, by definition,  is the new Site Specific Browser [SSB] that Peppermint creator Kendall  Weaver wrote himself as a means to launch Web Applications and/or  Cloud  Applications [SaaS – Software As A Service, PaaS – Platform as a  Service] from the new Peppermint Ice OS. When you launch a web based  application using Ice it will call up a custom SSB using the default  Chromium Browser. So, essentially, the Ice SSB acts as software that is  installed locally but is actually delivered via the Cloud.

The difference in  using an SSB as opposed to using a tabbed browser is that only one  function is assigned to the Ice SSB.  In a tabbed browsing system, with  several open for example, if one service or site in any given tab  crashes you run the risk of losing data by crashing the other tabs and  potentially the browser itself. since an SSB is isolated and dedicated  to only operating the web application of your choice, if it crashes or  hangs, it does not effect the rest of the system. And, because the Ice  SSB’s are so sleek, they are perfect for running apps that display  better using the most screen area as possible.

Peppermint Ice will  release to the public on Monday July 19th 2010 @

More About Peppermint:

Peppermint Ice boasts  automatic updates, easy step-by-step installation, sleek user friendly  interface, increased mobility by integrating directly with cloud based  applications, ready to use out of the box, and best of all Peppermint  Ice is Free of Charge. In numerous tests, even on older model laptops,  from pressing the Power On button until completely booted-up, connected  to the Internet and ready for work, Peppermint takes 20-25 seconds to  fully load!! When you are ready to quit you don’t need to wait five to  ten minutes for the system to shut down because Peppermint Ice powers  down in 5 seconds. Impressive indeed.


“Let me be absolutely clear about one  thing: Peppermint Linux OS is fast. Really fast. On this tired old laptop, Peppermint  boots up from a cold, powered down state in just under 25 seconds from  me hitting the power button….. I can’t even imagine what this OS would  be like on newer hardware. It’d be unbelievable.” – The Linux Critic [ ]

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  1. Hey Goblin, I know this comment will be off topic (don`t know where else to put it) But I was wondering if you could possibly review the new Sabayon spins, I`ve noticed LXDE and XFCE versions have been release today.


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