Our hapless hero in Man of the People! Its funny and you'll certainly be able to relate it to politicians whatever country you live in! (Image source: http://www.tobymorton.com)

After my coverage of some great free TV available online by producers who want to share their work with you, I recieved an email drawing my attention to Man of the People.  A mockumentary which is described as:

This is a new mockumentary about a man born with a silver foot in his mouth, his smart-but-shy Campaign Manager, their rag-tag staff, and a longshot campaign to be the next Mayor of NYC.

I don’t want to spoil the episodes by giving a summary of the storyline, but what I will say is that it is superbly acted and even for a non-uk citizen its very funny, with much of it putting me in mind of the “Gordon Brown” moments we saw in our general election this year.

As I said before with the release of Pioneer One we are beginning to see a new type of distribution method for material that looks, sounds and feels like a mainstream title you could expect on TV.

I do though have some suggestions to the team behind Man of The People. Firstly they should consider not just offering the material on YouTube. VODO would be a good choice to reach a wider audience, as would putting the episodes onto a Bittorrent tracker.

So get yourself over to the homepage and check out this great show!


Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com

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