As I said in an earlier article, I intend to make regular posts of sites/products/services that I have stumbled upon whilst on my digital travels.  At the end of the article you can see my previous adventures.  You may already know about some of these, you may not, but I hope that you will continue to email me (or Tweet) suggestions for future articles.

Its Tetris, its free and you can play against others!


Who can forget Tetris? Who should forget Tetris? For me it was on the original Gameboy and Ive been a fan ever since.  Tetrisfriends takes the game one step further by offering you a multitude of variations on the game, including, but not limited to – online battles against other players.  The site is free and all you need to access the browser based game is to sign up.  You can visit the site here and then get beaten repeatedly by people who take the game far too seriously.

Next up we look at a site that offers old DOS games for download.  They are/were commercial titles which you are legally allowed to download, in some cases a playable demo, in many, the full product.  A while ago I covered the excellent DosBox which the site quite helpfully tells you if the game you have chosen is compatible and the range of titles available from the site is impressive covering a diverse range of genre’s.


I’ve been an on and off photography hobbyist for many years and I’ve used Trek Earth on numerous occasions.  Trek Earth lets you upload your photo’s to your own area where you are able to categorize and comment on them, linking them with others similar pictures, maybe by topic/location whatever.  But TrekEarth is not really a file hosting service, it’s far more than that.  You work will be criticized by the many experts, both pro and amateur that use the site, your photographs will be scored and you will be given advice/opinion on what should have been done better.  TrekEarth is a fascinating tool that not only lets you “learn about the world through photography” but also improves your photography skills as helpful and friendly people will offer you advice and support.  It’s a great community, free to join and highly recommended!


In the theme of scene/chip music that I often like to mention, I recommend you check out the work of DHS.  A mix of retro scene/modern dance and….something else, I am sure you will enjoy the work which can be found here: My personal favorite track is:  “Superseghe dell’Amore e Citofono (For Yer Heart)“.  On a related note for one of the best places to listen to scene music, you should check out SLAYradio which has a 24 hour stream playing either requests from members of the site or a live show.  Its a podcast/online radio station I listen to on a regular basis.

So that’s it for this set of links.  You can visit the recent previous links here.

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