With a thumping menu track, Amiga Demo's Vol1 is a more appealing way to watch some classics of yesteryear!

Here is one DVD you can share and distribute without fear of a threatening letter coming through your door about copyright infringement.  Before reading the rest of this article, if you have no idea what the Demoscene is, then you should read this first.

Those of you old enough to remember the Commodore Amiga range of computers will hopefully look back at those times with happy memories of “Guru Meditation“, games on 3.5” floppy disk and most importantly the demoscene.

At the time when the Amiga was emerging in the marketplace as THE computer to own, many a shop had titles from the demoscene proudly displayed in order to show off the machines amazing graphical abilities.  At the time PC’s were still struggling to produce respectable looking titles and if they did it requried a rather expensive piece of kit.  This is where the Amiga sold.  For a reasonably low price you were getting GFX which would require a second mortgage’s worth of PC equipment if you wanted to make them even near to playable.

Whilst it was true that the Amiga’s eventual failing was its 3d performance (and cheaper PC hardware giving way to far more advanced titles, 2d wise the Amiga could not be matched and the fact that the custom chipset also included a rather advanced sound (for the time) you had no worries about drivers, sound cards, speakers or CGA,EGA,VGA….

So that was the niche in which the A500 (in the main) and other models of the Amiga range found themselves.  True, along the way, we delved into a Spectrum revival (of sorts) with the smaller A600, but the “one stop shop” computing experience of the machines made them desirable and popular.  We even touched on a little Windowseque type incompatibility with some versions of the Kickstart having compatability issues with some software.

I digress (as is often my way) the public domain scene and in particular demo’s were always popular and some people made a very good living from selling disks containing this material, sending it out in shiny new jiffy bags via snailmail.  Oh, the “good old days” before the Internet boom!

So now we look at this DVD-5 release which clocks in at around 110 minutes and showcases some very good titles from the past.  The author J.Tramiel has put everything together very well in order to make this disk a simple case of “push in and play”

There are many demo’s on show here with my personal favourites being the work of the Polka Brothers. Picture quality is good however don’t expect a HD experience since there is a lot crammed into 4.4gb.

You can get a copy of this DVD from The Pirate Bay, but let me assure you, these demo’s are made to be distributed for free, they were released years ago and I expect the creators will be very pleased to see this revival in them.

The demo’s featured on this disk (all via a traditional DVD menu) are as follows, with the running time being approximately 110mins for the entire disk, presented in 4:3:

9 Fingers – Spaceballs

Aphrodisae – Haujobb

Arte – Sanity

Authentik – Skarla

Braincell – Union

Cyberlogik – Sector 7

Explorer – Delight

Friday at 8 – Polka Brothers

Jesus on Cheese – SHITTS

Man on the Moon – Faculty

Mindabuse – Limited Edition

Mindflow – Stellar

Napalm – Floppy

Nexus 7 – Andromeda

Paradisio – Drifters

Radiation – Vertical Syndicate

Reflexity – Sector 7

Rise – TRSI

Roots 2 – Sanity

Symbolia -Access

Synergy – Sector 7

The Breath of the Muse – Chrysis & Poseidon

The Prey – Polka Brothers

Wit Premium – Freezers


or you can find it on Usenet (alt.binaries.demo-scene.ibm-pc) here

Please seed this disk when its finished if you choose the Bittorrent option.  Help revive (or keep alive) the Amiga demo scene and just as importantly, this great release from J.Tramiel.

Links of interest

If this disk (or review) has you interested in the demoscene, there are plenty of great resources for more material.  Almost every platform has a demoscene (in various sizes) and you could do far worse than getting yourself over DTV to see a host of old demo’s from yesteryear and the modern ones as they are released, without having to worry about some of the demanding high specs that some of the modern demo’s require.

SLAYradio – Home some great scene music! http://www.slayradio.org/home.php

DemosceneTV – The Youtube of the Demoscene! http://www.demoscene.tv/

Scene.org – News and archive of scene releases: http://www.scene.org/

Pouet.net – More news and scene releases: http://www.pouet.net/

I hope these get you interested in a very creative and entertaining aspect of computing.

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