Newsbytes 22/05/10 – Microsoft/Google/BT/P2P

GoogleWave, Google’s realtime chat and collaboration product has now come out of invite only testing and gone public.  We have covered this project before and loved the idea.  Get yourself over to the Wave site and don’t forget to check out a few tutorials on using it.

Microsoft has popped up in the war against copyright infringment, although since it’s Microsoft you know something will be amiss. You might remember Microsofts idea about copyright infringement (which Bill Gates said) and how now in these tighter times they want to collect.  Microsoft has been attempting to bring down the Lithuanian Tracker site LinkoManija which unfortunately for MS has won its appeal, seeing its previously frozen assets unfrozen.  Come as a surprise?  The #fail list for Microsoft gets larger?  – it certainly seems that way since its the second case that Microsoft has lost in Lithuania with the first being a file sharer accused by Microsoft of sharing Windows 7.  That was dropped through lack of evidence.  Source: What is interesting about the Torrentfreak article is some of the comments which I ask if they highlight a mainstream change in opiniont:

Microsoft is getting totally insane. I changed to linux about 10 days ago and it’s just awesome


I guess Micro$oft forgot pay off the various government officials and judges to get their “show trial”…oops FAIL!


….No sympathy, Microsoft. Absolutely no sympathy…..I hope OpenOffice shreds your market share.


Do yourself a favor: Stay away from Microsoft. Their stuff is not worth even free.


As for M$ suing ppl…. Wrong move, piracy is what keeps their system dominant in the market….

The list goes on and on (and these are the tamer ones) Check out for yourself what people are saying.

Openbittorrent has seen a court order instruct an ISP to reveal details of its operators in a Swedish court.  Whilst this has been reported as a piece that is news worthy, I’d suggest in the current climate and opinions (many uneducated) about file sharing, that it is rather easy to convince a court (UK or otherwise) to grant an order.  Source:

Internet Explorer is in its final death throws (according to The Free Software Magazine) who report that the browser usage stats from Wikipedia shows a drop which has IE currently at 59%.

I can’t tell you why people are running away from Internet Explorer. I can guess it — we all can — but it’s hard to give a definite answer. Call it fashion, or security, or simply listening to some friend’s advice. Things have changed — a lot — since IE’s hegemony a few years back. And things are looking grimmer and grimmer for IE.

Wine 1.2 has RC’d (21/05/10).  The excellent opensource project which allows Linux users to run Windows binaries has been 2 years in the making (for this RC) and offers a plethora of improvements which you can read about here: and you can download the software for yourself here:

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the Openbytes statement, here.


5 thoughts on “Newsbytes 22/05/10 – Microsoft/Google/BT/P2P

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  1. Hi There Goblin. Nice to be here again. Regarding M$, today I attended an Open source meeting here in my town, and a rather disturbing news popped up: M$ is to build Winblow$ 8 on top of a FreeBSD Kernel, just like Mac/OSX. Do u know anything about it ??? Rumours so far… But, could be rooted in something real.
    Best regards

    1. Hi!
      Can’t say I would put much stock into that….I think from the issues XP > Vista and the issues surrounding 7 and allegedly (according to some MS faithful of great re-writes of code in relation 7) I cannot see them going down another path which could further create nightmares for those wanting to upgrade. On top of that there would be a plethora of legal issues to iron out in respect of Microsoft’s business model, the software and a BSD license (I would guess)

      That being said, I wouldn’t have believed that Microsoft would be accused of taking code from another package and using it in their own, yet we saw that allegation with the Juku/Plurk incident….its Microsoft, who knows? and remember it spent years telling people Vista was great and look at what Ballmer recently turned around and said about it.

      I personally think Windows 8 should be based upon XP…..looking at what users allegedly want (around 70% of Windows users still use XP according to stats)

  2. Well, call me paranoid, but I think Mono development is a sign towards this direction. I mean, if they can pull out a means of making their win32/64 stack to operate under a *nix environment, it’s a big step on doing their next operating system to be a proprietary GUI on top of a BSD kernel. The BSD license they like, since they can rip off anything and they don’t have to give back nothing. This scenario is frightening, however, since, if they manage to pull this off, they would go after WINE the next moment, and would likely to shut down the project.
    Well, let’s see what happens.

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  3. Thanks for the links…I’ll follow now!

    You say “call me paranoid” and thats something which many Mono advocates will use to try and cheapen anyone who doesn’t think Mono is a “gift to the world”.

    Just look over at my Twitter at the moment where “Lefty” is busy throwing comments at me about…..something….not quite sure what. He really wants to group me with Roy Schestowitz and whilst our opinions are different I am more than happy to state that I consider Roy an online friend who (despite the attacks by others) is a man of honesty and integrity. I’ll stand by that 100% and whilst I might not agree with everything Roy says, I stand by his right to make his point.

    Being critical of Mono can often result in vulgar behaviour. I wonder why? If I said now, dont use Brasero its not half as good as K3b, I would not get the level of aggression that one does when one makes a reference to Mono.

    I’ll say again just for lefty who I know reads this. I don’t care if people use it or not. I don’t and I put MY OPINIONS about it on MY BLOG. If you don’t like that, don’t read it.

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