Monty Ballmer – The Life of Vista

I was saying recently that Steve Ballmer has not come to notice for any of his entertaining appearances lately.  Ballmer is one person who you can guarantee that despite trying to pimp Microsoft will always entertain with his “unique” methods on stage.  This behaviour causes him (who can forget what was touted as the “monkey boy dance” ) much criticism but for me since we have no new comedy as good as Monty Python, it’s the next best thing for me.

Firstly lets hear Mr Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) appraisal of the economy today and maybe a prediction for what’s to come? This was said at Wednesday’s 14th annual CEO meeting.

…going loopty loop. I don’t know where it’s going

Ballmer is reported to have said this in respect of Vista:

We tried too big a task and in the process wound up losing thousands of man hours of innovation….

To which reports:

He added that Microsoft spent too many years building the Windows Vista operating system….

Although, I’d suggest by the reception Vista received, the problem was they didn’t spend enough.

Remember the comments we highlighted here in regards to Vista from the Microsoft faithful at the time?  Complete denial of any problems and in fact we highlighted many comments such as “Vista is loved” or it being a “gift to the world”…I ask any Windows user here to think back to that time (and Im emailed by Windows users so I know they read this) and say, if MS Faithful were praising the Vista product then and now Ballmer admits this, what worth can you put into the voice of any Microsoft Advocate? – I’ll let you decide and Microsoft’s catalogue is eaten away by the plethora of alternatives.

Here’s some points users make which I think are rather relevant:

What about those who regret investing in Windows Vista? Aren’t they the one’s suffering the most in all this?…And Microsoft wants them to pay AGAIN for Windows 7? (Which is really, in all intents and purposes, an improved version of Windows Vista.)


hah, innovation. microsoft are not creative in any way. vista was them showing to the world their creative side, and they completely effed it up.


Anyone here actually code software for both Win7, Vista, XP, and OSX?? Sure doesn’t sound like it. However, I do.  With a few very minor exceptions, coding for Win7 and Vista is identical, the security model and base are virtually the same. You wanna believe Win7 is better than Vista, go for it.

and in respect of Vista being the forerunner for Windows 7

We essentially did all the beta testing for Microsoft…

You can see these comments (and many more, here)

To keep in the spirit of our Monty Python theme (and the light hearted look at Ballmer) Here’s a video that after Ballmer’s comments might make Vista users feel better……Guys and gals…you have my sympathies:

That song could have almost been written for Vista, eh?…..always look on the bright side of life…

Goblin –

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