Its been reported in the last few days that F-Spot is to be removed from Ubuntu 10.10 and after some poor reports about its inclusion (and its Mono dependency) it comes as little surprise that it’s to be booted out the ‘buntu.

Taken from here:

F-Spot has been voted off the island by developers at UDS this week……..Since the only other Mono application I see in the default install is Tomboy, would it make sense to conspire to kick Tomboy Notes off the show next week and Mono off the CD the following episode?

No wait! There’s that “fantastic” piece of coding Gbrainy, which you may have missed!!!?!?! and there’s also Tomboy, which advocates would imply is irreplaceable! – In all seriousness though, if F-Spot is for the chop, is the justification for Canonical (or indeed any other distro provider) diminishing to continue slapping the rather large Mono runtime and associated “warez” into the default packaging?

In the meantime though, F-Spot devs have just announced a new version.  Taken from the maintainers website:

After a long period of silence, it is my pleasure to announce that a new version of F-Spot has been released: 0.6.2.

and I think its safe to say that as far as Canonical is concerned, F-spot can keep its new version (and pleasures?!) to itself.

When we also look at impending doom that Novell is reported to be rushing towards, the future for the “gift to the world” is all rather in doubt. Here are some of the articles:

So the only other question, is this new release of F-Spot a coincidence?  Was it intended as a last ditch attempt to give F-Spot a stay of execution on Ubuntu?

One translator had this to say on the maintainers blog:

Just one hint, when releasing software, try to give, at least, one-two weeks to translators so they can properly translate the software. And of course, warn them.

I’ll let you decide.

And more from the Official Mono page (re: Mono):

A growing family of solutions and an active and enthusiastic contributing community is helping position Mono to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications.

Except that arguably the leading Linux distro has stated its to remove one of them?  Other distro’s are not including Mono either and in fact I think its fair to say theres a lot of bad feeling around the whole subject.  Is this the Mono “enthusiasm” they mean?  Again, I’ll let you decide.  Where will the “gift to the world” be without Novell sponsorship?

Maybe Mono should call upon Grahame Morrison (as featured in my last article) there’s no feuds on his watch.  Lets now all standby for the “paranoid” & “blight” comments as I’ve dared to speak against Mono.  Shields up (no pun intended Jo), Red Alert.

Goblin –

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