A unique method of selling software reveals some interesting facts.

The Humble Indi Bundle is a revolutionary way of selling software which Wolfire Games are running for a week.  It allows you to download a collection of great games (World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, LagaruHD, Penumbra-Overture) for a price that YOU decide.  The games are available for Linux, Mac or Windows, contain no DRM and you can even choose how your donation is distributed.

That in itself is not the news here (although the unique method of selling software is in itself newsworthy), the purpose of this article is to address another issue.

Linux users who have spent time in forums, chat rooms or on comp.os.linux.advocacy will often have heard the derogatory word “Freetard” aimed at Linux users and advocates which seeks to imply that Linux users are after everything for nothing.  Of course this is not the case and in my experience Linux/FOSS advocates are more than happy to donate to the projects they champion.

This opinion seems to have been proved somewhat, since on the Wolfire site it shows the donation stats so far. [1]

It states:

Windows users on average have donated $7.38
Mac users on average have donated $9.82
Linux users on average have donated $13.99
Which suggests at the time of writing this article that Windows are the cheapskates and Linux users are the more generous, maybe the “freetard” label is better suited to the Windows user?
What is also interesting though is that despite Windows and its alleged massive deployment base, Linux accounts for a quarter of the donations, Windows for a half and Mac approximately a quarter too.  Hardly reflecting the 1% market share some Microsoft Advocates like to tout for Linux is it?
If you are interested in what Wolfire Games are offering, check out the video below and visit their site, whats great is that all these games have native Linux versions, showing that cross platform development is not so much an issue and merely serves to increase your potential customer base.  My only critism of Wolfire Games is that refer to a Windows platform as “PC”.  We’ll let them off though since they have made some great software!
[1] Correct at time of article.
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