AXED – Microsoft’s Courier? – Too bad, the Zune jokes are wearing thin.

Time for Microsoft Courier to meet the Reaper. - For the information of readers, this striking similarity? to Steve Ballmer is actually the Reaper from Bill and Teds Bogus Journey.

There are things that we can thank Microsoft for.  For starters one would be keeping the legions of Malware, Virus etc away from other operating systems.  We could also thank Microsoft for Steve Ballmer, who never fails to amuse every time he gets on stage.  We can thank some of the Microsoft projects for giving us a bit of a laugh (and who can forget the Zune’s that were reported to being sold from the bargain bin)  Moving on though, lets not forget Bing (which if Microsoft had bothered checking the dictionary) would have seen that the definition of Bing is “A heap or pile”……or maybe they did and Bing is an example of a new open and honest Microsoft?

Just as the Zune jokes were starting to wear thin, we have the distressing news that Microsoft has Axed its Apple Ipad type “Courier” device, which was written about on many sources, one of which:

So after you’ve looked at that, you can join me in disappointment that the Zune & Kin jokes will have to carry on for a little longer (or until Microsoft comes out with another scheme)  Engadget said at the time of this Courier rumour:

Gizmodo has just let slip details surrounding what was previously a top secret project deep within the lairs of Redmond, but given that this is more of an advanced proof of concept than anything else, we’re doing our best to curb our inner enthusiasm about a near-term release.

and now we see that Microsoft is alleged to have made this statement:

At any given time, across any of our business groups, there are new ideas being investigated, tested, and incubated. It’s in Microsoft’s DNA to continually develop and incubate new technologies to foster productivity and creativity. The “Courier” project is an example of this type of effort and its technologies will be evaluated for use in future Microsoft offerings, but we have no plans to build such a device at this time.

Here is my translation of what I think they are actually saying:

“Ok Folks, we saw what happened to the Zune, Windows Mobile isn’t exactly on the same level as the competition and we don’t think we can compete with whats currently out there and whats rumoured to be coming.  Tell you what shareholders we will just wait on standby with our patent portfolio and cream a bit off the top of the tablets that are successful.   Lets just hope our portfolio is not challenged.”

So before Microsoft Courier gets sent to “Microsoft Concept Afterlife” Lets take a moment to remember it……Rest in peace Microsoft Courier…

So could it be that Microsoft doesn’t have the confidence in its products to compete with established, respected names?

I’ll let you decide, but lets hope Microsoft is quick in revealing its next “latest innovation”, these Zune & Kin jokes won’t remain funny forever.

Goblin –

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  1. Well, while we can all agree that the Zune is pretty much a joke and dead or dying, the Courier is vaporware that did not even make it to being stillborn. It dyed on the delivery table so to speak in the design stage.

    Courier and Slate by HP both have things in common though. Both were supposed to use Windows 7 by MS. Windows Seven, which is really just Vi$ta/2 is too bloated, too slow to run on Tablets, period, end of story. HP see’s this. Even MS must have seen this at this point. Which leaves them only with Windows CE (mobile or phone is CE renamed). Windows CE is not a good cellphone OS and is fast losing the little market share it has there. As a platform for a netbook or a tablet, it has almost no apps and is terrible.

    There is at present on Ebay in the USA, a lot of inexpensive ARM netbooks priced around $100 with Windows CE on them, a few have Android on them for about $20 more, most likely worth the extra bucks. The thing about Windows CE on these ARM netbooks, is the wallpaper looks like the XP wallpaper. So a deliberate attempt appears to be made to confuse the buyer into thinking that their programs from their XP computer would run on these CE netbooks. The uninformed may suffer again. While I place the blame for this on the ebay sellers, and not MS, still the buyers may not be so kind.

    The real joke is that MS has completely lost the tablet race, as the Ipad uses ARM. Most likely HP Slate will also use ARM, as most Intel cpu’s use too much power and kill battery life. Also while the Courier sounded like a novel idea at first glance, a dual monitor tablet that opened as a book, if one thinks about it for long, it was a terrible idea as a tablet. Why, because the cost of two lcd’s, the power consumption of two lcds. the video requirements of dual monitor card, the fact that most people would not want to hold this, and it would have to set on a table top unlike a regular tablet, all make this a freak and unpractical. (or another joke)

    The question is, is Mary Jo right and MS is planning to come out with a new OS to run on ARM for netbooks and tablets? Lets see, NT combined with the best of Zune and Silverlight all running on ARM? An NT that can run NT programs? Somehow I have my doubts. But I think that at one time they did have an NT 4.o version that was in the works for ARM, but never released, so it is possible. Dumping Silverlight on it would be the kiss of death if somehow MS was able to get this going. So I say, its just more vaporware, and if its not, its going suck anyway.h

  2. “Dumping Silverlight on it would be the kiss of death if somehow MS was able to get this going.”

    Shhhh! Don’t let MS hear that! They are convinced everyone loves Silverlight, just like Icaza believes the masses need Moonlight.

    On a serious note though, you are right of course, however that won’t stop MS continuing to pimp its ideas full of buzzwords and PR $…..and of course the faithful slithering around the net trying to cheapen any opposition to it.


  3. ZUNE RULES!!!!!!!! im gonna write a review soon to back that up by the way whats so funnhy about the zune except that ipod users shoulkd be crying that they spent so much money on an APPLE product

    1. “Zune rulez” – Great piece of advocacy there. You’ve convinced me (and Im sure all my readers).

      Fancy giving us a link to your blog/review of Zune? Im sure Apple users are waiting for you to show them the way……

      I hope you are merely one of my work collegues messing around out of devilment (Mattywinks is that you?) because if you are not and you actually mean what you say then you must have missed out on thousands of reviews/comments/complaints and see what users actually want.

      Kind regards (I think)

  4. Quote “who cares what users want ”

    Well obviously you do since your earlier comment said “whats so funnhy about the zune except that ipod users shoulkd be crying that they spent so much money on an APPLE product”

    and its a little pointless writing a review after saying “who care’s what users want”

    Quote “by the way i thought i might question if ipod has hd radio hd video output pictures and biographies and related artists when you click on a band”

    I don’t believe so, but then I don’t have an Ipod either nor is this a blogazine about Apple products. What I will say though is that it wasn’t Ipod sitting in the bargain bin at xmas (as commented on at MSwatch) and looking at how many people either have bought a Zune or even know what one is, I’d expects users “Do care what they want”….they care and they’ve chosen Apple….

    1. um im writing a review to show the world that zune is better than ipod i know that they dont want zune and im trying to change that and by the way u cud have a link if u want to my review

  5. Quote “im writing a review to show the world that zune is better than ipod”

    Best of luck with that.

    Quote “they dont want zune and im trying to change that”

    Again, the best of luck. Microsoft themselves don’t seem to have succeeded. Question is, why would you want to “chamge that”? Isn’t the idea of honest reporting where you put your opinions across and let the readers decide? I always tell people to make their own minds up. I don’t seek to “change” their views on anything.

    1. its not that i want to completely change that its that i wanna provide zune as an option which also happens to be cheaper most of my review is actually a chart with technical specs from the respective product websites i just dont like when people (one guy on this websites post) say blame zune when their drink spills on a zune and it breaks that would happen with an ipod too or any electronic then he said he got a new one and it broke apparently he just wasted his money because if he called up microsoft theyd reimburse him my sister had the same problem and was reimbursed

  6. Quote ” i wanna provide zune as an option ”

    Nothing wrong with that. The ethos of this site has always been about end-user choice through diverse options.

    Quote ” i just dont like when people (one guy on this websites post) say blame zune when their drink spills on a zune and it breaks”

    Im not sure who you mean (or when they said that) could you please link that comment or tell me who said it?

    Quote “because if he called up microsoft theyd reimburse him my sister had the same problem and was reimbursed”

    Speaking for myself, the one area of Microsoft I have not been critical of (infact complimented) was customer service in respect of broken Xbox’s. It seems that many people were sent a quibble free replacement no problems. Consumers have rights anyway, so even if MS didn’t want to reinburse, in some cases they would have to anyway under that countries sale of goods act. As far as spilling something on an item, I’d personally suggest that no company is liable and if a claim is made it would be through household insurance. I could be wrong though and stand to be corrected.

    For the record, I think Ipod and Zune (and any other player) are going to be phased out eventually. How many peoples phones now play music/mp3’s very well AND have radio AND have net access. I think with the phone becoming a solution to many things, the extra piece of equipment in the pocket of a music player will become a burden which people do not want.

    1. ur probably right but ill still keep my zune because im not in to phones despite my being a teenager in these times and the person didnt necessarily blame zune but they seemed to doubt zune for some reason it was just like there tone and they were purposely writing like a gangsta rapper and then they got a new zune and it didnt work so they just lost double money because they couldnt just check the zune website maybe if he did the proper thing the zune wouldve been fixed

    1. Having looked at the other blog where it says:

      “Ok look i was chillin wit my boi juice nah mean we was eatin in da truck i had got a sweet tea from mcdonalds and i put it in da cup holder next to the zune 80gb and all of a sudden i look down and ALL THE TEA SPILLED IN DA CUP HOLDERS and it go into my zune 80gb and so i was mad as hell so i ordered one from ebay … WTF IT DNT EFFIN WORK … it wot sync the zune software keeps sayin the zune is not respondin … So i order a ipod classic 80gb i need da space too mich music on my hands”

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it being taken seriously……

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