Microsoft welcomes the pirates and then sinks them? + Linux usage may be wrong?

I love a little hypocrisy and you can guarantee when a Microsoft article is discussed, there is usually quite a bit of it to throw about.

Over at this blog you can read how Microsoft tracks down copyright “pirates”.  There is some great stuff to be found in it including the methods Microsoft uses to show that a copy of its software.  There is also an article written here from PCmag which goes into the same detail.

This of course in itself is not news, but let us cast our minds back to around 2006, where Bill Gates said at Washington University:

Although about 3 million computers get sold every year in China, people don’t pay for the software. Someday they will, though, And as long as they’re going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.

So it would appear what suited them in the past no longer suits them now.  Hypocrisy?

Linux usage grossly underestimated?

Depending on what mood you catch a Microsoft advocate in, depends on the % figure you get in relation to Linux usage, however a rather interesting article was written over on Infoworld.

In that article it states:

….5.14 percent of spam came from Linux machines, which is somewhat odd since Linux comprises about 1.03 percent of the operating system market

Now providing that figure is accurate, it raises an interesting question.  Before I look at those lets make something clear, an OS itself cannot be held responsible for the actions of its user otherwise Windows should be blamed for most of the piracy of movies,music etc on the BitTorrent.  A quick look reveals that most users are using Windows torrent clients, which would suggest the most damage to the entertainment industry is done by those using a Windows OS.

The interesting thing here is that it could suggest that Linux is more widely used than people are led to believe (and the figures given by the MS Faithful) As one user on Infoworld said:

It couldn’t be that the industry is, quite possibly intentionally, grossly underestimating Linux’s desktop market share, now could it?

I’ll let you decide, however next time you hear that Linux is “unproven” or a “hobbyist” OS with a 1% market share, remind the person that this unproven hobbyist OS was not only responsible for the rather profitable Avatar film, but also seems to be responsible for considerably more activity than a 1% market share would imply.  Of course on top of that you have government bodies (which we have covered here) switching to Linux, but then as the Microsoft faithful would say, it’s merely a 1% share… 😉

Surprising then that on the majority of tech forums this 1% is always visible, they must be a very busy 1%.

Goblin –

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft welcomes the pirates and then sinks them? + Linux usage may be wrong?

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  1. Just a factual correction: that quotation was made at the University of Washington in 1998.

    So you’re taking what someone said 12 years ago, pointing out that their current actions don’t reflect their then-stated views, and saying that it’s hypocrisy. Most people would allow a bit of an opinion shift in 12 years, though, don’t you think?

  2. Thank you for the correction, I’ll let it stand with your correction here. The typo was mine and infact I thought it was 1996.

    Quote “So you’re taking what someone said 12 years ago, pointing out that their current actions don’t reflect their then-stated views, and saying that it’s hypocrisy. Most people would allow a bit of an opinion shift in 12 years, though, don’t you think?”

    Of course they are. The point was, when it suited (and to get Windows deployed) they were quite happy, as Billy Gates said they want them to steal theirs….now as Microsoft sees so much competition and the Vista issue which IMO gave MS a terrible name, they decide its time to collect….that was the point… whats changed in 12 years? Well arguably they are selling more copies now than they were 12 years ago, so why the keeness in (according to MS) these prosperous times, is the clamping down being done?

    1. What’s changed in 12 years? Absolutely nothing needs to have changed for Billy-G to have been speaking the truth. He said: “…and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade”. Voila! Fast-forward 10 years, and it’s the next decade (i.e. now). And they’re figuring out how to collect. So: is it hypocrisy, or is it just that he had a good idea of where he was going in the future?

  3. I would bet that the ‘market share’ for GNU/Linux is rather low, since a ‘market’ is where goods are bought and sold. GNU/Linux is often no-cost to acquire and install (unless you purchase a System76 or Dell computer with GNU/Linux preinstalled), so the share of the market of sold computers with GNU/Linux as the OS is low.

    The installation base, which is the % of computers *running* GNU/Linux, is likely quite a bit higher.

    Aaah, how proprietary vendors like to point out this ‘market share’. They don’t like to point out that their software gets wiped and replaced by GNU/Linux though, increasing the ‘installation base’.

  4. Lefty.crupps, I do not quite agree with your view of a market share.

    Imagine that there were 1000 computers in the world, and 999 of them used a free Linux flavor , and 1 used Windows XP bought from Best Buy. In your scenario XP would have 100% of the market share and Linux 0.0%. In your scenario hardware manufacturers would optimize drivers for windows, because that’s where the market is. Software makers would produce products for windows exclusively, because they want to target 100% of the market.

    In the real world Linux would be the market leader, so hardware, and software manufacturers would “MARKET” accordingly.

  5. Hello !

    I think you took the GNU/Linux Spam issue from here :

    In one of the replies that were a very correct thought by R Plinston :

    “”””any given Linux machine is five times more likely to be sending spam than any given Windows machine”””

    That is completely false and misuse of statistics.
    A Linux machine that is owned and operated by a spammer is 100% likely to be sending out spam.
    A Linux machine that is not physically owned by a spammer has an extremely low likelyhood of sending out spam.
    The market share of Linux amongst spammers is probably very high, they know not to use Windows on an internet connection.”

    So this makes the statistics true, but misguided.
    Most Spammers use GNU/Linux.
    But regular users have a very little chance of sending spam from their GNU/Linux machine.

  6. People always claim numbers that are beneficial to them so I say, let us do the opposite, let’s instead use the numbers given to investors by someone whose hatred of Linux is pathological.

    This is El Steveo’s presentation to investors

    Its interesting that he tells investors that Linux is slightly ahead OS 10 .

    So how about we use those numbers from now on?

    If its good for Ballmer then it should be good enough for the media who regurgitate MS press releases most of the time. Yes, you Miss Fried with the brown nose.

    1. Hi Peter, yes, Ive commented that the Microsoft faithful didn’t seem to know what Ballmer was saying when they quoted their 1%…..Its also been brought up on comp.os.linux.advocacy a few times (including the slide)

      Of course its always been 1% and it will remain that (according to them)…funny how all the tech forums seem to have references to Linux, happy users and new projects……infact go back two years when Jo Wilcox was reporting on Microsoft Watch and the comments of that site (by readers) were probably more pro-Linux than any other….. It was funny to see Microsoft Watch turn into a forum for Linux users.

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