"He's been a naughty boy hasn't he Mr Flibble?" - Has Andre been at it again? Make up your own mind, WordPress can show the proof far better. The only question now is, do we take it that Andre wants to be called Lucy from now on?

Readers to this blog may have recently seen the discourse between myself and Andre Da Costa.  We saw (finally) the confirmation from Andre that he had multiple usernames on CNET.  Andre didn’t seem to see a problem with having multiple accounts,  that being said I personally believe that his pro-Microsoft view “supported” if you will by his multiple handles is rather wrong.

You can read a recent article about him and his past behaviour/MVP status here.

So is this another article about his previous actions? No.  I believe I have news that may be of interest to readers of Andre Da Costa (and certainly Openbytes)

Andre Da Costa apparently no longer wishes to be called Andre.  He now appears to want to be called Lucy Buntu, so could everyone please keep this in mind when engaging in conversation with him.

So why do I think Andre wants to now be known as Lucy?  Let me explain.

On a previous article https://openbytes.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/windows-under-attack-on-two-fronts-even-more-problems-ahead/ a user called “Lucy Buntu” popped up to make comments about my work.  Not a problem in itself, I enjoy a debate when I have opposing views to the commenter.   The problem came when I noticed that Lucy Buntu has exactly the same IP address as Andre Da Costa. “Lucy” had this to say:

Interesting, you are generalizing the entire Windows population based on a version of Windows (XP) released more than 8 years ago. Not to mention, you are blaming Microsoft who is in no way responsible for what happened and a lot of people are agreeing this is a McAfee blooper. There is a lot of bias in your report here, because you don’t see call out when Apple’s Mac OS 10.6 deleted users personal files in the guest account or when a just released Mac OS 10.5 deleted user files moved between partitions or the recent vulnerabilities discovered in Safari.

The reality is, Windows is the most widely used platform, which makes it the biggest target. Windows is developed by fellow humans which means just like Linux, Mac OS X, Unix is imperfect by nature. I am sure if Ubuntu or Mac OS 10.6 was on 1 billion PC’s, it would be in the same situation.

What Andre (or Lucy) didn’t realize is that WordPress logs the IP of every commenter and its very easy to see any nymshifting if you care to look.  I was suspicious with Lucy immediately as the tone sounded like Andre to me from the beginning, I checked and guess what? Same IP.  Now whilst I have some points to make first I will answer his/her points at the end of the article.

Firstly, I fully support Andre in whatever he wishes to be called , but does this show him displaying nymshifting ways, the same type of nymshifting that caused him problems before.

Again I ask the question, is this the sort of person Microsoft endorses?  Is this the sort of person Microsoft champions as “most valuable”? I’ll let you decide.

Of course I don’t expect you to just take my word for it, so here for your viewing pleasure is the wordpress comment stats which complement this article.  If there are any allegations of editing etc, I give WordPress full disclosure permission to confirm or deny what I have said in this article and I am quite happy to screen grab again (it was only for space issues on this article I havent yet.)  I have removed part of the IP address to protect the privacy of Andre (only because I would like him to comment) however if Andre wishes to challenge this post, I am quite happy to post the entire IP address if he wishes so he can prove/disprove his involvement.  I would guess Andre will not answer at all.

Andre who we know and love.
and now Lucy...

So now we need to ask why is it appearing Andre is again supporting a pro Microsoft opinion under alias’s?  Why would anyone go to the effort of doing that if they were merely an “ordinary customer” or as he says, enthusiastic about Microsoft Technologies – I’ll let you decide and wonder if Andre/Lucy will dare to come here and justify him/herself. 😉  I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’m enthusiastic about a tech I praise it under one handle, secure in the knowledge that the product will speak for itself.

Maybe Andre has an explanation for all of this?  Maybe all of this is innocent? Maybe he would like to come here one more time and justify himself?

Now on a more serious note, I would like to say I am appalled at this type of behaviour, are we now to think that Microsoft champions are made up largely of people nymshifting to add support to their point of view? How many other handles does Andre have or indeed any MVP or Microsoft Advocate?

MVP’s and Microsoft Advocates you are on notice,  I record and document everything and am rather good at building up a profile on users who I consider dubious.   I have plenty more dubious users that I have built up extensive portfolio’s on.  If you want to support a pro-Microsoft opinion thats fine, but please play fair.

To all the people that don’t nymshift, please don’t become downhearted by the actions of a few and I would say to any of the new bloggers who contact me – ensure that you document everything, it will serve you well in the future.

A response for “Lucy”

So now its time to answer “Lucy”.  Now I could go down the route of quoting her “bias” point and reminding her that she’s supporting Microsoft under a new gender and name, but I wont.  Lucy claims that I have generalized Windows in that article, which is wrong since I made it very clear it was XP SP3 in the first few lines, however I also reference the quote by McAfee where they say:

We have individual reports of other versions of Windows being affected as well

Which hardly categorically states that the problem is XP SP3 only.

Lucy also mentions that I sought to blame Microsoft.  Not true, I actually confirm that Microsoft was not to blame where I say:

Of course Microsoft will be quick to point out that the fault wasn’t theirs and a third party – which of course is correct…..

So I am confused as to why claim I was blaming Microsoft. Lucy then goes on to say

because you don’t see call out when Apple’s Mac OS 10.6 deleted users personal files in the guest account or when a just released Mac OS 10.5 deleted user files moved between partitions or the recent vulnerabilities discovered in Safari.

Lucy, I only blog/comment about things that I have had extensive experience of.  I cannot speak for other blogs, but I personally have only had substantial use with Windows & Linux OS, I do not mention Mac much because my experience of it comprises of a few minutes here and there with a Mac and the glowing reports of users who I know personally.

For me Microsoft products were not fit for purpose.  Linux/FOSS is, thats why I write about it.  Its called honest held belief and as I still have to use Microsoft products at work, Im in a position to see that I never want to go back to having them in the home.  My computing life is so much better.  What I don’t do is try to push my opinions with false names, if you don’t agree, lets debate.

I digress, the next point made by Lucy is that Windows is the bigger target.  I can’t argue with that however I think its of little comfort to the user who finds their machine inoperable.  When I had Windows on my home PC’s and was let down, I would have taken no comfort in being able to point the finger at Windows being popular.  Users don’t care what is to blame for their system fail at the time, I’d suggest, they only care about their machine being hosed and how to fix it and I’d suggest the vast majority of users would rather not have to go through the stress of a failing machine in the first place.

Maybe Andre/Lucy does make a good point unintentionally and that being the issue with one platform having the monopoly on the desktop.  Is Lucy’s argument merely further proof that a world where the balance was more equal would be better for the end user? – I’ll let you decide.

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