Wolvix 2.0.0 beta Build 56

Its been a long time. The last time I reported on Wolvix was in July 09 where the distro received praise (and became my distro of choice).

After that date I found myself praising the distro whenever I got the opportunity, there was so many great things about it – out of the box compat, its speed, its look.  I could go on.

Over the months that followed it appeared that development had stopped and just as I was trying to settle on a new distro, a new build is released with the author saying the following:

It’s been quite a while since there was any development here, but things are finally getting back on track now. The last couple of weeks I’ve been picking up the slack and I’m in the process of making a new public development release. (Beta3) A lot of packages has already been updated and the development is on going.

And for me thats great news.  Readers who have never heard of the Wolvix distro before may wish to familiarize themselves with the previous Openbytes review.

The latest build comes in at 665.39mb which is small when you consider the wealth of functionality it provides.

Wolvix has resumed development, for me it was July 09 when I downloaded the beta 2, so this update comes as very welcome!

The bugs present on a fresh install of the last version are now gone and whilst there is an absence of those silly play once games, I did question the choice of packaging an FTP client and not even giving a thought to a binary newsgroup reader.  This brings me onto my next point, whilst Liferea is a great product, what benefit does it give the user when Thunderbird is included by default?  I would like to see Liferea replaced with Klibido (or similar) in order to accommodate any .nzb requirements and I certainly think that now in the year of the Digital Economy Bill and the likes of ACS: Law we are going to see a migration to the binaries.  accommodating .NZB is in my opinion more critical that FTP in default packaging.

These are small issues and nothing that a little tinkering can’t sort out.  I did question the need for both IRSSI and Xchat to be present in particular since IRSSI (my client of choice) is a command line util and not linked on the DE.

Everything I said originally for Wolvix stands for this latest build.  The installation is flawless and quick and out of the box compat goes without saying.  I really love this blisteringly fast distro.  I am so pleased the project has found momentum again.

I will be keeping up to date with the progress of this distro.

You can visit the homepage of Wolvix here and Build 56 can be found on Linuxtracker where I hope you will help seed.  You should also note that there are a variety of places to get Wolvix from which can be found on the homepage.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the Openbytes statement, here.


3 thoughts on “Wolvix 2.0.0 beta Build 56

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  1. Downloaded it yesterday, haven’t tried it yet.

    FYI, Moon OS 4 is due out in Beta soon. Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 is out, Fedora 13 Beta is out. Damn, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening.

  2. Ive got MoonOS to take a look…although I might hold back on a feature until Ive seen the new beta.

    Ubuntu 10.04 I won’t be looking at until its out of beta, the same with Fedora. I agree though, there is alot of exciting releases and I certainly think that whatever Ubuntu 10.04 turns out to be, it will be a turning point. Canonical appears to have a viable business model and if they can make a decent revenue whilst bringing more people to Linux then everyone’s a winner.

    I still have worries in relation to Ubuntu’s movement towards more Mono apps and its apparent lack of concern with the hostility towards projects associated with it, but only in that I don’t want to see Canonical suffer since they have done so much in respect of bringing people to Linux.

    I am looking forward to Fedora since I have that on a few of my rigs and am very happy.

    Yep exciting times ahead.

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