Is Microsoft desperate for any scraps off the table? Microsoft trying to make a buck off Datel? Before you start to produce 360 products you better check with Microsoft first.

Why should you invent anything when you can merely patent the idea and then wheel out your portfolio when you think the time is right?  Readers to Openbytes may remember Microsoft’s holodeck which was reported here and now it seems Datel is next in line for an “attack of the drones” albeit Microsoft legal.

Datel is apparently infringing the following patents, D521,015, D522,011, D547,763, D581,422, D563,480, and D565,688 but in a nutshell its about Datel’s controller looking like Microsoft’s. – Is this an example of Microsoft settling for scraps off the floor because of the increase in popularity to alternatives of most of its product base? – If so I think we can expect more “spiteful” behaviour as Microsoft can’t be best pleased that they lost the  appeal in the i4i case.

So you may wonder about these “scraps off the table”, if you get a chance to look at the controller Datel produces you may see that it is very similar to any other 3rd party controller.  So why are others not being targeted?  Probably because they have paid Microsoft a “license fee” to allow them to develop “approved” 3rd party products.

If you are wanting to look at the patents themselves you can see them listed (and downloadable as PDF) here:

Remember if you want to innovate, design or produce with or on Microsoft products, it better be on their terms.  Further proof of a Microsoft ethos of “Do it our way or not at all”?  Anyone remember the switch off incident?  Bluray? Nah, MS knew best HDVD was the way to go! 😉   What about BBC player for the Xbox?  Nah, Microsoft is not allowed to charge you extra for that so your not getting it.

Shame, if the Xbox has been produced by a company with a different ethos it might have been a great console.  One of the users on the above link makes the comment:

Doesn’t microsoft have a monopoly on the controllers, hard drives and everything else to do with the 360?. So that they can basically charge ripp off prices for everything without any competition?. Yeah don’t expect me to feel sorry for them. They lied about rrod for years and sue anyone that might try to make a few quid off the back of the 360…….

Great perception management there Microsoft, maybe this is why your products are not seen in the same “fashionable” view as Apple’s?

Goblin –

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