Microsoft gets two more retail outlets?

More Microsoft stores on the way? Don't expect them to officially compete with Apple unless they can show better sales....Microsoft ego doesn't like second best.

The good ship Microsoft is chugging along very nicely, or so they would claim, Ive noticed an increase in Bing advertising on UK TV, however it seems all in vain since the “average joe” Ive spoken with still doesn’t know (or care) what it is.  And why should they? Most of them use Google.  I suppose if Microsoft buys more trade (as in Yahoo) then it can improve its figures.  As a competitor to Google? No way.  Before any Microsoft advocates here try to claim otherwise just remember the words of your leader that its not a search engine its a decision engine.  Of course it will only remain that way unless they ever manage to topple Google usage figures, then it will be a search engine again.

Its this perception of refusal to be acknowledged or admit being second to any other product that it appears to me Microsoft likes to “change the goalposts” when it comes to competition it can’t win.  Its why Im bringing you this next piece of news.

It is being reported that Microsoft is opening two stores, one in Denver one in San Diego.

Microsoft watch says:

….or that Microsoft sees the stores as more of a branding opportunity than a source of revenue. Whatever the reason, though, Microsoft evidently sees reason to keep on going.

“Keeping on going” seems to be a common theme.  One only has to cast ones mind back a short while to remember in the face of all the issues and dislike of Vista, its advocates were still claiming “Vista is loved” (and we covered those remarks many times over the years)

Microsoft Watch also mentions the two previous stores opening and says:

….after months of Microsoft executives trumpeting that they were prepared to challenge Apple’s retail experience head-on.

Since I think its a no-brainer to say that to date the Microsoft stores have in no way emulated to success of their more fashionable cousin (Apple), I am sure Microsoft will have some spin on it stores to suggest it never wanted to challenge Apple stores in the first place.

Goblin –

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft gets two more retail outlets?

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  1. I don’t think that Microsoft will do well in retail. Microsoft has never demonstrated any ability to compete on a level playing field. But hey, here I’m singing to the choir…

    It’s been a bad two weeks – seeing all the work you’ve done reminds me that I have to get back to writing, whether it hurts or not.

  2. You have contributed many comments here though. Its nice to have a sensible debate with someone who has different views to me. I do look forward to our “piracy” debates.

    You are always welcome to post opposing articles here (instead of comments)…theres always space for another writer on openbytes!

    Kind regards

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