Readers to this site may remember the name Andre Da Costa.  We reported on him receiving a laptop from Microsoft when all the “reports” of this practice came out.  It was also mentioned at the time the Mojave experiment which was supposed to show that Vista was in fact really great and it was everyone else with the problem not Microsoft.

I have much respect for Andre’s efforts.  He is certainly passionate about his topic and whatever the basis for his pro-Microsoft stance, he is entitled to make it.  I am sure that Andre is very happy with his MVP and fair play to him.

Andre announced his MVP award on his blog, which I only noticed when I saw his Twitter profile had changed to include “Microsoft MVP”.  You can read his blog here: and if you notice, he does link to Openbytes which I would hope is because of the friendly “battle” between our two viewpoints.

This article though is not so much about how Andre Da Costa posts and his actions of the past, its more to do with what Microsoft seems to be rewarding.  We’ve covered many of Andre’s techniques here and whilst he is quite within his right to do as he wishes, the question must be asked “Is this the behaviour that Microsoft sees as valuable and worthy of reward?”

Taken from his blog, here is Andre’s response to receiving the award:

with the MVP Award come new responsibilities, which is to bring you information that is always accurate, responsible and dependable while building on that strong spirit of community!

To which I would ask the question do these new responsibilities include nymshifting and posting as Mr Dee on Cnet? – For readers that don’t know, Andre admitted on Twitter that he infact has another handle on Cnet (Mr Dee).  This was covered by Openbytes a while ago but by the time he admitted it, it was already a forgone conclusion since it was blatantly obvious that Andre’s account and Mr Dee’s were the same person.

I wonder if responsible & accurate information includes his comments about Michael Jackson and it being a shame he never lived to see Windows 7. – Yes readers Andre did actually say that and its covered on Openbytes.  I wonder if this accurate information includes Andre’s comments over on Microsoft Watch that Vista is loved and a gift to the world, is that accurate?  We covered those comments as well.

Here’s Andre’s comment when Joe Wilcox left Microsoft Watch, obviously Microsoft thinks this behaviour is the stuff of MVP’s:

I don’t understand, if there is no Joe Wilcox on Microsoft Watch where will I go to argue against Linux fanatics? I find it therapeutic.

You can see the MSwatch article here.

It seems to me (if Andre is not the unwitting victim of an April fools joke) that Microsoft either hasn’t researched its new MVP properly or merely doesn’t mind.  Does this to you sound like MVP material?  After the Plurk incident nothing would surprise me about Microsoft.

Take the time to research Andre’s posting.  It seems the only rule you need to follow to get one is “promote, promote, promote” – by any means necessary and you can look at some of the Openbytes articles covering the behaviour which Microsoft seems to deem worthy of an MVP:

I think thats enough to get you started on the well documented comments of Andre Da Costa.  If you are interested you can also see him over at Twitter where his (known) handle is Adacosta although after him admitting to having more than one handle at Cnet, one could be forgiven for thinking he has more than one on Twitter.

The final question is directed at Microsoft’s MVP program. So this is what you endorse as an MVP is it? You have no problem with Microsoft being associated with this posting style? I think I look at the MVP program in more depth would make a worthy future article.

Goblin –

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the Openbytes statement, here.