Newsbytes: 26/03/10 – News from around the Web

This week has been a rather busy one for me.  Its also been a rather disjointed week, due to building work on our house, which is why Openbytes has not been updated for a few days.  I’ve now just started experiencing the delights of an HTC phone and Android which is giving me the ability to respond to all my Newsgroup,Twitter & Web outlets, but since I am still finding my feet with it, there still was little time to post about the subject I love, IT.

Without further ado, I’ll comment on some of the articles that have caught my eye over the last few days.

To sell or not to sell?

That is the question? It certainly seems like its a possibility in the case of Novell, with rumours abound on the Net that it may be up for grabs.  Speaking personally, I wonder how much of an opportunity Novell missed when it signed a deal with Microsoft.  Regardless of if there is a “master plan” in operation, I don’t think it can be argued that the “deal” did damage to the Novell image.  I remember fondly the experience of OpenSUSE and wonder if the deal “muddied” the waters and allowed Canonical to seemingly hit top spot of new user distro.  There a lesson to be learnt there by Canonical and maybe something they should keep in mind as they move closer with their Mono relationship.  One look at Distrowatch will tell you what users are most interested in looking at.

Over at Reuters it is reported that:

the company rejected a recent bid from an investment fund saying it undervalued the company

and who has actually benefited from the “deal” when Reuters reports:

Novell’s brand value has diminished in the past decade with its legacy enterprise networking product Netware losing market share to rivals. It is often perceived as a company that lost out to Microsoft in the operating systems war.

Of  course the rumbling don’t seem to help matters (in either public perception or perhaps perception of value by would-be buyers) when The Register says:

Commercial operating system distributor and software powerhouse wannabe Novell isn’t doing the credibility of its long-term business plan any favors by talking about selling part or all of the company to potential suitors.

So is Novell up for sale or not?  Who knows? and what value does Novell actually give itself?

Its “Bing” a disaster?

Over on Cnet, Ina Fried is talking about Bing (dictionary definition: a heap or pile) and additional content pages that Microsoft has invested heavily in are being overlooked by users.  I would suggest that the answer to that (in my humble opinion) is that despite pimping Bing on Radio and TV, despite having Ballmer “Bing, Bing, Bing, in his world” users are not interested.  Ina Fried mentions that Bing has made month on month increases, but seems to mention very little about the fact that its not at the expense of Google and more to do with the new “partnerships” Bing has infected formed.

Lets look at some of those… The Yahoo deal for starters, so the increases in Bing usage are maybe coming more from “bought” Yahoo trade than people switching from Google.  Lets also consider Canonical and the Ubuntu deal who are defaulting to Yahoo for their next release (10.04LTS), that will be another gain which Im sure Microsoft will pimp as a great success. Keeping on the same subject.

Bling for Bing?

True to form, Microsoft isnt letting us down when it comes to their products.  If something is not liked or doesn’t work –  what happens?  Rebranding of course.  Could it be an example of (yet again) Microsoft sticking a new coat of paint on something and hoping users will actually start to like it when Ina reports:

Microsoft is testing a new look that will add a series of tabs in the center of its Bing results pages, prominently identifying when there are additional types of content.

Would that be a new look as in the Vista to Vista 7 “improvements”?.

You can read Ina Fried’s article here:

Goblin –

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