Heres what Bitdefender thinks of Windows. Maybe the most intelligent virus package in the world?

Its being reported that users of the virus software Bitdefender have had a surprise with their latest update.

Allegedly Bitdefender has identified several parts of Windows as a trojan, fixed them and subsequently brought down Windows.

Being flippant, one could argue that Bitdefender was merely doing its job and identifying Windows as a trojan was correct, another camp could list it as yet another issue Microsoft’s OS has stumbled into.

Now even years on from the first BSOD in Windows, crippling problems can still be a part of daily Windows life.  Maybe its these regular experiences that explain the apathy a Windows user might have to the problems they encounter whilst doing even the most simplest of tasks?

I very rarely say this, but this time the fault is not Microsoft’s although I think the cause of yet another Windows issue is of little concern to the end-user, rather the fact that Windows yet again is not working correctly.

Bitdefender had this to say:

Due to a recent update it is possible that BitDefender detects several Windows and BitDefender files as infected with Trojan.FakeAlert.5…

The problem seems to hit 7,Vista and XP users, there is a fix for this  and a comment from BitDefender.  But to me Bitdefender’s original diagnosis is spot on. 😉

Goblin –