Its new user friendly, it’s easy to use…its based on Linux! – Meet Alex!

Despite what you have heard from Windows advocates that Linux is difficult and for the “l33t” only, personal experience will have shown you otherwise.  For those who were not brave enough to ignore those friendly Windows advocates who want to convince you to buy products, you may be interested to hear about Alex. A complete hardware solution for those users who want an accessable and easy to use computer system.

Rory Cellen-Jones from the BBC had this to say:

If this ambitious plan succeeds it could play an important role in bringing Linux-based operating systems to a much wider public……..If the company succeeds it will be a huge boost for the cause of Linux computing.

The intention behind Alex is to offer a complete system that will remove the barriers to computing and provide a platform that is accessable to all.  Alex is offered by way of a subscription and over on the Alex homepage they have this to say:

Alex comes complete with a suite of simple, practical yet powerful programs that are always available on-screen at the touch of a button. As alex is a subscription-based service, there’s no maintenance, no anti-virus system to manage and alex is always up to date – we take care of all of that for you……

Maybe next time someone tries to convince you Linux is far too difficult and Windows is the only solution for the new user, you can consider this article?

Alex is also offered with extra’s such as a broadband service (if you don’t already have one), printers, speakers & a whole host of other items to make it as simple as possible for you to enjoy computing.

There has already been glowing praise for this system (which can be found on the website) and you can visit the Alex homepage here. Harry Drnec (co-founder of Alex) has a history which is covered on detail on the net, most notably with Red Bull, here is a snippet from an article that can be found here.

Since he joined in 1995, Drnec built Red Bull UK from a company that was losing money into one that is now the second largest Red Bull market worldwide, with sales in 2006 of nearly 300m cans.

So it appears the Alex project is in safe hands.

The BBC has also covered this project here.

Yet another implementation of Linux and yet another example of why the myths about Linux being difficult are at best silly and at worst dishonest.

Goblin –


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