7 reasons to play retro titles – Puppy Arcade 7 is released!

Another rapid update of Puppy Arcade shows the commitment Scott Jarvis has to the product. Picture source: Puppy Arcade home page

Look to the end of this article for the 7 reasons to use Puppy Arcade, but before you do that lets consider this distro which is much loved here at Openbytes.  Previously I have spoken with the creator (Scott Jarvis) and one of the most impressive things about this distro (other than its excellent) is the enthusiasm and genuine love Scott has for emulation and people enjoying old classics on hardware that may have been otherwise written off as an “old PC”.

I would suggest that anyone who didn’t read the article I wrote on Puppy Arcade (shame on you!) visits the link here as what was true there is as true now, except further improvements have been made.  I had the pleasure of putting questions to Scott Jarvis and you can read that article here. Here is Scott’s forum posting briefly outlining Puppy Arcade 7:

Puppy Arcade 7 is now much better in terms of gaming playability – it now supports full-screen in nearly all emulators, while gamepads are supported in all emulators, usingRejoystick and has had a few more emulator additions and replacements.

More Atari emulation has been added, and Spectrum support has also increased. NES and MasterSystem emulation is also now much improved. The ‘pup’ emulator frontends have been updated where possible to include the extra benefits of the emulator changes.

Wbarcc has been added to more easily manage the emulator bar and there are now no issues with 800×600 desktop setups- users can choose a wbar profile that suits their screen resolution. (thanks to trio)

A lot of people said they would like Puppy to connect to the internet automatically, so Puppy Arcade 7 SHOULD also connect to the internet (via LAN/eth0) automatically… It worked for me.

So here are my 7 reasons why you should use Puppy Arcade:

1. There is a wealth of games/systems that you are able to relive your childhood/youth with.

2. Scott Jarvis is dedicated to this distro and updates are regular.

3. Spec requirements are low.

4. It puts the best of the emulation scene in one distro.

5. Puppy Arcade runs from a modified Puppy Linux which is as fast as hell

6. It has a really groovy backdrop!

7. It really is that damn good.

You can visit the Puppy Arcade homepage here: http://scottjarvis.com/page105.htm and the changelog.txt here.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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