Windows 7 freezes – Don’t worry, “its not major”

Short news post here.  Computer world is reporting:

Some Windows 7 users have reported that their PCs started to freeze or randomly display the infamous “Blue screen of death” after applying a January update Microsoft billed as a stability and reliability fix.

You can read the full article here. But if you are a Windows 7 user who is experiencing freezes and a trip down memory lane (no pun intended) with the famous BSOD, you need not worry.  Microsoft are reported to have said:

We are aware that some customers are having issues and are working to identify the cause. At this point, there is no indication that this specific update is the cause of install, stability or reliability issues with Windows 7.

Well I don’t know about anyone else but Im convinced 😉 and in any case its of little consolation to a Microsoft customer experiencing this, as to who or what is to blame.  For the second time today I am wondering who/what will Microsoft blame this time?  It goes back to what I said in the previous posts that when I was a Microsoft customer and something went wrong, the blame was never at the feet of Microsoft.

For Windows 7 customers don’t worry though, as some Microsoft advocates like to say “It will be better next time” So just hang on, then dig deep when Windows 8 is released.

How much longer can this go on for?  Its one thing when Canonical was criticised for 9.10 (which by the way personally I had no issues with it whatsoever) but at least with Linux OS updates you are not having to spend money to have issues.  Windows 7 the platform to finally remove XP?  Don’t make me laugh and from the Windows users I know, they are not convinced either.

As a further point of interest Roy Schestowitz from Boycott Novell has shown me this link, its an interesting read:

Goblin –


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