Leaving it out of Lucid – More 10.04 news in a UNR form.

When will 10.04 really be "Lucid"? What's out? What's in? For an LTS (and a big release) it all seems to me to be last minute...

Lucid, according to Dictionary.com is: “easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible:a lucid explanation.” although is that a slight contradiction?

Having been very busy at work I have had little time to keep up to date with the happenings that interest me on the Net, so now on my day off, it was only a few hours ago that I saw a suggestion that Lucid 10.04 UNR may be cutting OpenOffice out of its default packaging.

This implication came about as a result of a user asking Jono Bacon on Twitter if OpenOffice was to be removed as default, to which Mr Bacon replied:

Afaik, no decision has been made.

which is certainly no denial and appears that Canonical are considering it.

Ubuntu has been receiving quite a bit of attention on Openbytes.  I was (and still am) optimistic regarding possible native Linux proprietary software being offered to users, but what with Gnome being the flagship DE for Ubuntu (with Gnome seemingly directed by Microsoft MVP Mr De Icaza and the “gift to the world” Mono), Ubuntu having the “good ship Yahoo” (bound for Microsoft) as its default search engine, I can’t help feeling that as it stands now Ubuntu 10.04 is far from “Lucid”.

And what of Gimp?  Reports from testers of Alpha releases of 10.04 state that the package is still present.  Are Canonical going to remove it and if they do is that for the opportunity of a proprietary option or are they going to try it on with a Mono app?

Canonical has, in my opinion a rather large responsibility and a great opportunity.  There can be little doubt that Ubuntu is one of the most, if not the most popular Linux distro’s and is many users first experience of the Linux platform.  If Canonical decisions and actions are seen as a poorer cousin of Microsoft then I would predict its user base would decline.  As Ive said before I believe had Novell not signed “the deal” with Microsoft, it would be Novell in the position that Canonical is now.

Whilst Canonical is surrounded by these rumblings, other distro’s are picking up the baton. As I said a short while ago on Twitter, I intend 2010 to be the year I migrate away from the Gnome DE completely – and Im spoilt for choice with distro’s that offer such an alternative default.

When will 10.04’s direction finally become “Lucid”? I’ll let you decide and lets hope for Canonical’s sake its userbase agrees with them.


After a recent discussion on BN IRC, it appears Canonical have made the decision to leave Gimp out. So thats that?….Well no, because Jono Bacon said:

but there is certainly the possibility the decision may be changed if PiTiVi is not right for Lucid

So the answer if Gimp will (or will not) be present is as clear as mud…..and not the default mud colour of Ubuntu I hasten to add, again showing that in respect of 10.04, its still far from “lucid”

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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