What Microsoft giveth the Microsoft taketh away? – Xbox Live & Zune issues?

Or/ Gone so Zune?

A shorter article that will start with the Xbox 360.  Regular readers here will remember an article recently where we reported that viewers wanting to watch BBCiplayer material were not going to get what PS3 and WII users already do.  You can read that article here.

Now it appears that as of April 15th 2010, fans of old Xbox titles such as Halo 2 will no longer be able to play them on Xbox live market place. Microsoft (as usual) reports this news as if its a good thing (and unless I am mistaken Halo 2 is still loved by many)

….as we look down the road, we’ll continue to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of Xbox 360….

To which I’d make the observation that it seems to me the only evolving the service with features is when Microsoft can charge you something extra for them (look no further than the above linked article on Openbytes)

Moving on now to the Zune (the device that has so far failed to make an impact in Apples business) and its reported that there are more than a few disgruntled customers who have found that certain tracks that users were paying for via subscription had….dissapeared….. Apparently the “freebies” you get every month have been unaffected but the Zune and mysterious behaviour seem to go hand in hand when we only have to remember new year (2009) when some Zunes simply stopped working.  That mystery was cleared up….who is to blame this time?

You can read a similarly short article on that here and if you wish to see more unhappy Microsoft customers you can go here.

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