Number 7 your time is up! – You’ve had the taster, now pay the reaper…

Time to pay the reaper. Windows 7 RC will start auto-shutting down soon, question is, will regular Windows users even notice?

and other items of interest regarding the people who brought you Vista!

Firstly I appologise for the quiet site this last week, numerous commitments (both work and home) have forced me to put the blogazine on the shelf for the last few days.

That being said, I find myself in a position now to publish this article and one which manages to encapsulate a few stories in one (I hope)

Remember last year when many people jumped on what Windows advocates would call the “freetard bandwagon” and downloaded the free for a year Windows 7 RC?  Remember how that year seemed such a long way away? It will be soon time to pay the reaper with the Windows Blog saying:

To avoid any data loss, I suggest making plans to move to a released version of Windows 7 before the automatic shutdowns start. During these shutdowns, your work will not be saved.

In relation to the bi-hourly automatic shutdowns that will occur as of March the 1st (until you pay up).  Bi-hourly shutdowns? Loss of work?  This to me sounds like Vista, but joking aside, now youve had your taster (and to quote Bill Gates in relation to Windows piracy in China)

….They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.

Its time to pay up.

Those used to Windows and instability may not notice the autoshutdowns though, so just to show that the shutdowns are not a “feature” of Windows 7, then on June 1st your wallpaper will change to “This copy of Windows is not genuine” 2 hourly shutdowns and loss of unsaved data?  Sounds like a genuine copy of Windows to me. 😉

The Microsoft PR machines slithers into action, or doesn’t in this case

Joking aside though there are many people who are praising Windows 7, both in the experience and in the sales.

Comments that would not be approved by the Microsoft PR machine come from a very interesting article written by  Dick Brass has many things to say, but notably:

Microsoft has become a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator. Its products are lampooned,


While Apple continues to gain market share in many products, Microsoft has lost share in Web browsers, high-end laptops and smartphones


….unless it regains its creative spark, it’s an open question whether it has much of a future

Now normally this would just be another “ordinary” opinion of a blogger, but in the case of these comment Dick Brass was a Vice President at Microsoft and these comments are documented in an article in the NY Times.  You can read the full article here. In addition CNET also covered this subject here.

Whilst Microsoft can tout Windows 7 selling like hot cakes lets consider that Vista was poorly recieved and when XP was released there were far less PC’s in the home compared to today.  Since you buying a computer from a highstreet seller often gives you little choice other than have a Windows OS OEM, how accurate are these great sales? and how many people will only have bought 7 because of being at their wits end with Vista?

Keep in mind that whilst we read the glowing praise about Windows 7, we only need to cast our minds back to just over a year when certain people were saying the same things about Vista.  Remember the “Vista is loved” comment?  It was documented at the time (along with a plethora of others) and if Microsoft Advocates were trying to convince you that there was nothing wrong with Vista, how can you believe whats being said about 7?

I’ll let you make up your own mind.  Maybe Ive got it wrong, maybe it was only me who had a bad experience with Vista/Microsoft products and everyone else was very happy???!?? 😉

“Clumsy innovations” aside, lets turn our attentions to Steve Ballmer, who had this to say at Microsoft’s annual Financial Analyst Meeting last year:

We are going to come under attack

Er hello Stevie? You only noticed in July 09? I think you have been under “attack” for quite some time, its why Ipod has one over on the Zune, why Google dominates Bing, why WII outsells the 360 and why Winmob is well….Winmob.  You can read the article here from the 30th of July 09 (maybe thats the date Ballmer had his moment of clarity)  Maybe its Steve Ballmer who is soley responsible for what Mr Brass has to say about Microsoft?

Whatever the truth also last year it took a shareholder to tell Stevie (in relation to the younger generation)

You’ve got a real bad image out there

Got Windows 7? You may need plenty of these? 😉 Users are reporting rather poor battery life with Windows 7.

Batteries not included!

Well they are, batteries that is.  The latest news to hit Microsoft’s Windows 7 is that its battery life (in some cases) is less than desirable, with reporting comments from users such as:

One year old, 6cell battery does not last an hour with win 7


…upgraded from Vista to Win 7 and now get 1.5hrs of battery life if I am lucky!!

to name a few.  Of course Microsoft is “investigating” so it will be interesting to see if its followed very shortly by a “Microsoft blames….”  You can read the article here.

It should be noted that as early as August 09 a user said:

MSDN RTM of Windows 7 did NOT fix this issue. Clearly the issue has not been addressed. I don’t know why MS didn’t fix this for the final RTM, espically when so many people have this problem.

So why does it appear that Microsoft is “investigating” now? Remember Vista and “early good reports”?  It doesn’t come a surprise to me that people were complaining before now and you can see some of the plea’s for help here.

So remind me again (and in particular if you are a Netbook Windows 7 user) once Aero is switched off and you’ve managed to finally get that pesky XP package working….whats the advantage here of wanting 7 on a netbook over XP when there are reports of bad battery life?  People often ask if 7 is the version to finally replace XP….I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Goblin –


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