Puppy Arcade 6 – The retro pup goes from strength to strength!

New backdrop, slicker look. Puppy Arcade 6 playing an N64 title you just might have heard of! (screenshot from Puppy Arcade website)

Puppy Arcade 5 was featured recently and I was lucky enough to have a Q&A with its creator Scott Jarvis.  Without me repeating what was said in the last review, you can see it here.  Suffice to say I can’t recomend it highly enough and Puppy Arcade 6 continues that tradition with some important (and speedy) tweaks to make your emulation experience even more enjoyable.

You can view the changelog here for details on whats new, but here’s some of the things that I found particularly good.

Firstly some non-related apps have been stripped from the distro.  Whilst I said in my previous review there was no reason why Puppy Arcade could not be a desktop distro for everyday use, it does seem to make sense when the primary purpose of it is emulation. Of course should you really want these apps, you can download them and install them yourself.

PSX emulation is now provided through PCSX, which apparently requires no bios files (so no hunting for or waiting on a seedless tracker for SPC1001!)

Wrapped into a small 117mb, Puppy Arcade is going from strength to strength.  It bodes well for it’s future that so many improvements have been made and I would hope that Puppy Arcade not only ressurects many old machines for retro gaming but also is a showcase for the excellent Puppy Linux from which its derived from.

You can download the latest version of Puppy Arcade from here: http://scottjarvis.com/page105.htm

If you were thinking of a direction/project for Puppy Arcade and your hardware, there are many sites to give you tips.  One popular solution is to make an emulation arcade cabinet. http://www.tmsoft.com/article-arcade.htm shows you one persons solution (with only MAME in mind) but you get the general idea.

Maybe in the summer thats a project I can undertake?

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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