Just as there seems to be a link between computer geekery and Sci-Fi, there is also a link often made between Microsoft and the Borg.  Lets examine a favorite quote before continuing with the article.  A nice little topic IMO to kick off the new year in a light hearted (but serious) way.

I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been, is over. From this time forward, you will service us…

Source: Star Trek/Wikipedia.

So lets see why some people think like this.  Its being reported that Microsoft is pushing a “new” innovation.  Now before you all groan or start checking to see if a MS third party has used some of your code, lets have a look at what I think is a truly frightening vision of the future involving Microsoft.

In a nutshell IMO Microsoft is now looking to dismiss the GUI in favor of its MUI (presumably Muscle User Interface?).  At present these ideas seem to be in the form of sensors attached to various body parts in order to control your PC/Console/Whatever.  Have a look at the Youtube video.  IMO the only thing more frightening than allowing Microsoft to monitor your muscle movement is the dull drone like voice of the commentator.

And here is the patent itself

A machine learning model is trained by instructing a user to perform proscribed gestures, sampling signals from EMG sensors arranged arbitrarily on the user’s forearm with respect to locations of muscles in the forearm, extracting feature samples from the sampled signals, labeling the feature samples according to the corresponding gestures instructed to be performed, and training the machine learning model with the labeled feature samples. Subsequently, gestures may be recognized using the trained machine learning model by sampling signals from the EMG sensors, extracting from the signals unlabeled feature samples of a same type as those extracted during the training, passing the unlabeled feature samples to the machine learning model, and outputting from the machine learning model indicia of a gesture classified by the machine learning model.

You can see this in its entirety here.

And lets look at what many compare a Microsoft future to:

I hope you notice the similarity between the commentary in both the videos and then consider that patent 20090327171 (pushed in on 31st December) has been registered to One Microsoft Way. You really couldnt make this stuff up, could you? – “Happy” new year from Microsoft?

But wait! Theres more!

Im sure everyone is as excited as me to plug yourself into a Microsoft operating system, but in the meantime Microsoft has another idea at hand.  Its being reported on the net that Microsoft is recruiting.  The job is advertised here, which I recommend you visit.  Here are some excerpts:

to implement programmatic marketing that will CHANGE THE WAY PEOPLE think about Microsoft

Would that be prancing around the stage like Steve Ballmer?

Look at the competitive pipeline regularly to see where Linux Server and OpenOffice challenges arise.

Microsoft does see Open Office as competition then?

I could go on, I wont.  I am undecided as to if I should wait to be assimilated by MS Muscle probes or to apply for this job 😉 .

Maybe the Wiki on the Borg should be changed to:

I am One Microsoft Way. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been, is over. From this time forward, you will service us…

I’ll let you decide on Microsoft’s latest schemes.

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