Zune Twitter app – watch what you say!

Are you interested in the Zune? This "new" logo is one persons interpretation. Please see end of article for source of image.

There are reports that Microsoft is having issues with another handheld devices app.  This time it being ZuneHD and its Twitter application and before we go any further lets cast our minds back to new year 2009 when Zune was reported to have had an unfortunate incident with a “bug” reportedly causing it to freeze.

If recent reports are correct then Zune’s Twitter application is censoring explicit words without giving its users the option to turn off the feature and thus giving Zune attention once again as we approach the new year.

Lets hope that Ballmer doesn’t Tweet with Zune, since if the allegations about his behavior are correct then he doesn’t mind using a four letter word every now and then.  If you are interested in an allegation relating to Ballmers latest “outburst” then check out the article below and see what Ballmer has to say when you don’t get into the spirit of Bing.

I digress since this post is in relation to ZuneHD and whilst its failed (IMO) to achieve the popularity of Apples counterpart, its still a piece of tech that sits (somewhere) in the marketplace.   Microsoft have alleged to say on the subject:

The recently released Twitter for Zune HD application has been abbreviating some explicit words in tweets when viewed on the device. However, these explicit words do appear in their full text on the Twitter site or on any other Twitter client. We have identified the issue and are taking steps to update the application as soon as possible to ensure Twitter for Zune HD users are able to view tweets in their original state.

You can read more about this subject at http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/20919.cfm but for me is reinforcing that which I asked in the article here regarding Microsoft losing control of its projects.  If we look at the last few months alone we see allegations of GPL violations, code being “lifted” from other companies products, issues with an iPhone app and now this.  Is the wheel coming off the might Microsoft?  Have they “bitten off more than they can chew”?

For me I believe that Microsoft is fighting a battle on far too many fronts.  Whilst users rumbled about Vista and other Microsoft products in general, other companies took the opportunity to release some really great products and start building a loyal user base.  We see examples of this with Firefox eating away at IE (along with other browsers)  we see Apple going from strength to strength with its products and in addition we see Google showing Microsoft how search is done as well as making in-roads into other areas which once were almost the sole remit of Microsoft.

In my opinion Microsoft see’s itself in a battle with all these products.  Consumer choice is now commonplace in the PC market and even a reliable cash-cow like MS Office is, (IMO) being threatened by Open Office, Google Docs et al.  We are now in a world (IMO) where when a software product doesn’t live up to expectation theres plenty of choice to simply move on.  This can’t be good news for Microsoft (IMO) who once could almost guarantee that the majority of apps people running were theirs.

The logo in this article came from: http://forums.macnn.com/103/ipod-iphone-and-apple-tv/317449/the-one-only-microsoft-zune-thread/ and if the creator would like to name themselves in the comments section, I’d be more than happy to credit this original piece of work!

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  1. So you noticed it too. There seems to be a total lack of control in product design and development, which is evidenced by all these projects that have “inadvertently” included GPL code.

    And also by things like the Office Ribbon, which show up in one product, rather than being rolled out across the board. Which makes it look like Microsoft’s internal divisions are at war with each other.

    And then of course there’s hardware. Microsoft back stabbed their own partners with the Zune. It looks like they intended to do the same thing with the Pink phone.

    It looks like top management has lost control, and the divisions are acting like separate companies.

  2. Thats the point I think was lost on Amicus. This for me is not about Bing, its not about the Zune nor the actual action of “taking code” or violating the GPL, its more the question if MS is losing control of its projects in a desperate attempt to compete on so many fronts with so many alternatives.

    What MS forgets is that some of the companies its going up against, have made a name for themselves on one or two products, unlike MS which has its finger in so many pies (IMO)…jack of all trades, master of none.

    I don’t think this will get any better, Im currently looking at the MS schemes/projects which have been axed this year only to be replaced with a plethora of others. Does MS really have a direction anymore?

    I make the point to Amicus about MS Office which used to be (IMO) a package which MS could rely on bringing in the cash….now we see Google Docs, OpenOffice.org and I wonder in the long term how they will keep hold of the home user….I don’t think it unreasonable to say that IF the home gets used to alternatives to MS then those alternatives will eventually migrate to the workplace (and vice versa). Ive long said that MS should concentrate on less products and make those the best they can be..

  3. Quote: “If recent reports are correct then Zune’s Twitter application is censoring explicit words without giving its users the option to turn off the feature”
    How are mere users to know if this is a bug, or a real M$ Feature? Is this the same company that was was heavily involved with Red China and its “Great Firewall” software? M$ is no friend of free speech, they are about greed. Sure, its probably a bug, but how many bugs should be tolerated?

    Its hard to figure out the warped strategy that Ballmer is using to rationalize the continuation of Zune. ZuneHD is the last model of the line, and maybe with it M$ will cut it loses. Its hard to see where Zune will ever make a profit, or in any way impact the market. Some bloggers have suggested that Zune will morph into the Zunephone. It is my hope and wish for the people of the world, that this never happens, because giving M$ control of phones is a very dangerous thing indeed. They have proven time and time again that those at the top of M$ are without ethics.

    Even Ipod is experiencing declining sales these days, due to market saturation and the depression. Since the Zune has never competed with the Ipod, coming in third in sales, behind Scandisk and Ipod, one has to wonder about Ballmer’s thinking, especially since the market is shrinking for this type of product.

    Which brings me to more speculation about Zune, the Zunephone, and Windows CE/Mobile. If this is Ballmer’s master plan, it sure is taking its time to work its magic, isn’t it? (and lose a whole lot of money in the meantime) Rumor has it M$ whats to buy Rim to stay in the mobile phone market, as CE-Mobile is such a disaster. CE-Mobile is another cash loser product from M$ that Ballmer has high hopes for. Could the two loser products be tied together somehow, to make one bigger loser?

    M$ is very scared of Linux and Google, even more scared of ARM with that combination. It is the only reason for the continuation of the Windows CE-Mobile project. Not so much for smartphones, but for smartbooks (ARM) so that M$ can use this to try and get Chrome/Linux off them in the Mature markets such as the USA. Doubtful at best, that this type of stategy would work, as CE is only a very bad cellphone OS at best, and lacks the program stack for a real laptop. Expect M$ to use it as a delaying tactic. Ballmer is like the little boy in the Dutch levy, with his finger holding back the water (Linux), as he can only delay the outcome now. Consider that M$ has now delayed the release of Mobile7 to late 2010, most likely till Google Chrome OS is out. Is it also odd that (CE) Mobile7 number matches up with Windows Seven (7) for Intel based, or is this something elsed planned to trick buyers of future ARM Smartbooks that same way of the Vista capable was used?

    1. Very true. If MS can get away with claiming its a feature Im sure they will….failing that theres always the 3rd party blame option.

  4. Additional:

    I recently retweeted a youtube vid where some comedian makes fun of the Zune. I expected some come back, but I didn’t expect the response of one Twitter user: Jaredhallows.

    Jaredhallows implied two “allegations” One being that I was an iPod fanboy (and of course anyone who reads this site knows I would never consider buying one) and another being that I hate MS….yawn…. He then claimed that he remembered when he thought it cool to hate MS, to which I’d say its not “cool” to hate anything and especially something like a software house which is hardly a living entity. That young man needs to grow up.

    So all the people quoted and the articles I have reported are all lies then? I would assume that is Jaredhallows idea although I’d ask, if negative reports of MS products were not reported would Microsoft be happy to report them instead? I wouldn’t think so.

    Amicus especially failed to see the critical reports Ive made of Gnewsense, Mandriva to name a few and like anyone who mates the allegation of “bias” and “hate” they only include what suits them.

    Going back to Jaredhallows, whilst he was claiming the iPod fanboy, it appears he has quite the love of the Zune (he seems to hash tag it quite often) and it appears that fanboyism is not fanboyism when it comes to the Zune.

    Here is the video that had Zuneboy comment to me:

    and before we finish, here are a few tweets from Jaredhallows. How he has the nerve to call anyone a fanboy is anyone’s guess….maybe its a #zune thing?!!? But don’t forget folks……..he thinks fanboys are funny.

    “Listening to the album “The Dream” by In This Moment…good stuff, especially the cover of Blondie’s “Call Me”…love the #Zune pass”

    “RT @ZUNE: We’re excited to announce that Twitter for Zune HD is now available in Zune Marketplace! Send @ZUNE a tweet from your Zune! #zune”

    “RT @ZUNE: Hey all, the Twitter app is slowly rolling out in the Marketplace, you’ll start seeing it between now and early afternoon #zune”

    “Album “Halestorm” by Halestorm #musicmonday #zune”

    You can check out our ex-MS hating non fanboy Zune user here:

    Regards all,

  5. and as a final update to the previous comment, you can now see Jaredhallows try to retract his comments without having to say sorry….

    How? By using that “its only a joke” type excuse.

    Please read his comments and you can decide for yourself it was was indeed a windup from the beginning or if Jaredhallows is trying to dig himself out of a hole…badly.

    I would find humor in this if I wasn’t so tired.

    ** And I would like to add that Jaredhallows has stated he should have researched me better and said sorry. I accept and only would like to say that there is no fanboyism on my part ever (not even in a Linux distro) infact my distro of choice (which is not Ubuntu) is very rarely mentioned for the reason of not wanting that label.**

    Thank you Jaredhallows.

    1. You Microsoft hater you!

      I got accused of the same thing. I don’t like Microsoft. I won’t use their software. According to the Microsoft worshipers this means that I hate Microsoft, and therefore all of my opinions should be ignored.

      And there’s the start of a good article… Let you know when it’s complete.

    2. I was at BigBoxMart (Walmart to you!) the other day, and happened to look at the display in the electronics department. Ipod had a big end display, while all others, Philips, Sony, others and Zune were next to it in a small tiny side cabinet not even on the end. The Zune prices did not even look competitive to me.

      Zune appears to be a dead man walking type of product. M$ needs to get rid of the inventory before it can axe the product line. This is a product with no future what so ever.

  6. @ The mad hatter
    Thanks for that! and BTW your handle has some meaning to me (being a Luton Town FC supporter!)

    @ Chips

    At least its an improvement on last year…remember when we were posting on MS Watch and it was reported that Zune was in the bargin bin at a store….at least it has a little dignity in a cabinet!

  7. @ The mad hatter
    Thanks for that! and BTW your handle has some meaning to me (being a Luton Town FC supporter!)


    @ Chips

    At least its an improvement on last year…remember when we were posting on MS Watch and it was reported that Zune was in the bargin bin at a store….at least it has a little dignity in a cabinet!

    I was talking to a sales rep in a store, and he told me that in his opinion, the Zune wasn’t worth buying. Battery life is the main issue I remember him mentioning, but there were others.

  8. I read on a update a while back, from i think gizmodo that MS updated the twitter app so that it does not censor anymore.

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