Twitter Trends for 2009 – Microsoft beaten by Apple and Google?

The Twitter blog is showing the most popular trends for 2009.  What is interesting is that in the technology section it shows Snow Leopard ranking 2 places higher than Windows 7.

This surprises me for a couple of reasons.  Firstly I would think (from seeing them in action) that Microsoft has far more Twitter accounts (official and un) than Apple.  Secondly the IMO awful Windows 7 party ads that computer users from Linux/Windows/Apple camps found disgusting didn’t manage to push #Windows 7 as high.  Is that saying something about the consumers choice in the high street?

After Vista can Microsoft really manage to take another hit? and especially one on its Vista 7? You can see all the popular trends from Twitter here:

Its worth noting though that the most popular technology trend was Google Wave.

Whilst we are on the subject of Twitter, on their blog they also announce that they are now looking into services for business.  You can read more about that here:

Noooooo! Its “evil proprietary drivers”!?!

Nvidia have today released their updated Linux/BSD Solaris drivers both in 32 and 64bit flavors.  Visit the official homepage: For me the one piece of proprietary that is always with my distro!

Take the 5th Microsoft!

Cnet speak with Microsoft in relation to its EU anti-trust issues and in my opinion the answers you get are pretty much the ones you would expect, IMO trying to suggest everything is “cosy” between Microsoft and the anti-trust body.  One answer though was of interest and it was in regards to the Plurk fiasco we covered the other day.  When asked if there was some agreement to be reached between Microsoft and Plurk, the response was:

I wouldn’t want to say anything that goes beyond the public statement we put out.

Probably for the best.

You can read that article here: and of course this article was written in addition to the news that the EU has settled with agreement on its anti-trust case.  You can read that article here.

Paris Hilton’s Linux distro?

I wouldn’t think so, more someones idea of a joke, buts its a rather humorous article on Paris featuring Tux.  Observers of Paris said:

Many Linux users said they appreciate the exposure a star like Paris Hilton can give to the Linux movement, and added that they can “appreciate someone who can compile without panties on.”

You can read the full “article” here:

Android making inroads into iPhone apps?

Its being reported that Android apps has hit the 20,000 mark, going some way to reaching the 100,000 of Apples offering.  Big news?  Well as an owner of neither (nor do I believe the need for these mobile apps/games) I wonder if 100,000 apps is better than 20,000? and in fact to go further than that, is 20,000 apps (a silly amount of choice IMO) really anything to be proud of?  I wonder of the all those apps/games are decent pieces of software and how much of it is rubbish?

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