Honorable mentions – what’s been good this weekend.

From cloaking devices to Tweeting in Klingon, its all here in my favorite sites for this weekend!

Ive often come across many links and sites that I could not write an article on but do deserve a mention.  Where I can I try to showcase them on Twitter & Identi.ca , but often I am juggling several things at once.

With that in mind, here’s some of the sites, services and software that Ive used this weekend.

Rupom.net – Your URL shrinker – http://rupom.net/

Another free URL shrinker service which offers the shortest URL’s Ive come across in a long time.  I only found this one today as a result of an incoming visit to the site.  Worth checking out and will shortly be replacing TinyURL in my browser.  You can visit the blog of Rupom here.

Incognito 2009.0beta – http://www.browseanonymouslyanywhere.com/incognito/

A Gentoo based LiveCD using DE KDE 3.5.9 aiming to give you complete anonymity whilst surfing.  Without going into details of exactly how it manages that (if you’re interested you can visit the site) what I will say is it worked very well.  Browse, use BitTorrent sends emails, you can do so with you own IP “cloaking device”  (For a Klingon related link see last link).  Whilst the distro does indeed work very well, contain a plethora of desktop tools (such as Kword) I often wonder the reasons behind someone wanting to hide their identity so completely.

I had promised myself months ago I would look at this project and now I have I can put the matter to rest.  One observation I will make is that you should not expect as fast a browsing experience as you do now.  Due to the way that Tor “protects” your identity, I saw on my test rig (with a dedicated 8mbit connection) slow to almost a dialup crawl.  Unlucky? maybe, but it makes me pleased that I don’t feel the need to hide my IP identity when online, so I’ll pass on using it.

Linux Basement Podcast – http://linuxbasement.com/

I am ashamed to admit that I had never heard of this podcast so it was a pleasant surprise to find the content interesting, fun and accessable.  Currently in its 47th episode, whilst not a polished IMO in terms of production as Linux Outlaws, its the content thats important and in that respect it was damn good.  Check them out and give them your support!

Nitrotracker v0.4 – http://nitrotracker.tobw.net/

A soundtracker utility for the Nintendo DS that can be used with an R4 or similar.  Currently in v0.4 with apparently the source to be released very shortly, its a great little util for music generation on the DS.

Tweet in Klingon – http://tweetinklingon.com

Ok, it’s slightly old news but Ive only had the chance to look at it properly this weekend.    Visit this site, let it connect with your Twitter Account and you will be able to convert a Tweet into Klingon.  Great for StarTrek fans, a pain in the neck for those that are not.  I’ll let you decide which category you fall into.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com

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