Just a few bits and pieces that I wanted to clear before the new week starts.

Nintendo Sales – Fastest selling console in UK history?

It is being reported that sales of the WII console have exceeded 6 million, which makes it the fastest selling console in UK history. David Yamon of Nintendo had this to say:

the Nintendo Wii has captured the imagination of over six million families across the UK…..We’ll work even harder to ensure that the interest in Wii stretches over months and years, appealing to people of all ages and gaming experience.

But there may be envious eyes from both Sony and Microsoft, whilst many WII parties will be ocurring in households around the UK.  You only have to remember how the PS3 was received on Ebay on its initial days of release (compared to the WII) or simply cast you mind back to the “red rings of death” that the Xbox360 could suffer from. Its ironic that the lowest spec’d of the three current consoles is the most popular, but then maybe Nintendo have done what Microsoft (IMO) cant (very well) and thats relate to their customers.  I’ll let you decide that, but I certainly know what my family will be playing with this Xmas and it certainly won’t be the 360.

Channel 5 now on Youtube!

UK viewers will now get the last thirty days of Channel 5 on Youtube.  The deal was made possible by an advertising deal with Google.  Its not all good news though and it appears that those wishing to watch CSI[1] and Flash Forward[2] will not get them on Youtube.  Instead Channel 5 shows such as Neighbours can be viewed.  Great idea!? Im sure there a millions who would prefer a good Aussie soap to CSI any day.  IMO #Fail.

Google’s free DNS Service?

Google are offering (for those that don’t know) a free DNS service for everyone.  Speaking as an O2 customer, the one area Ive had repeated problems with was their DNS servers offering a service which at best I would call intermittent.  Located at and, they offer a faster alternative to your current ISP’s DNS (in theory) There have been voices of concern over privacy issues, however Google states that IP address are only kept temporarily (24 hours) and URLs are used to improve the service. Having now been using them for a few hours they seem no faster or slower than any other DNS service I’ve used.  Nice and easy to remember though and handy if, as I experience, your ISP’s service lets you down.  Why don’t I just permanently set my DNS server to a free one?  Simple, I resent having to pay a monthly subscription to an ISP and then permanently using a free service from someone else. Google are reported to have said:

Google Public DNS stores two sets of logs: temporary and permanent. The temporary logs store the full IP address of the machine you’re using…We have to do this so that we can spot potentially bad things like DDoS attacks and so we can fix problems, such as particular domains not showing up for specific users. We delete these temporary logs within 24 to 48 hours.

Convinced?  Personally I am, but then theres plenty of choice out there for your DNS needs.

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