Mr Ballmer has allegedly got plenty of those. Did he really believe them about Vista?

Theres been a lot of blaming this year by Microsoft in my opinion.

From blaming a 3rd party for a GPL violation in their code to the Black Screen of Death or countless other issues.

Regular readers here may remember that a while ago we saw Steve Ballmer blaming IMO the beta testers for the “early good reports of Vista” as if it was some justification for unleashing Vista on the public.

Lets remind ourselves what he said, with Bloomberg reporting:

Microsoft Corp.Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer says the company got the wrong impression from early positive feedback on Vista….

So now thats out of the way, have a look at an open letter to Steve Ballmer from what appears to be a legitimate long time Windows user.

Whilst the content of the letter is nothing that hasn’t been covered here before, what is interesting is a comment a little further down the page by a claimed former Microsoft engineer.

You are so right. As a former engineer at Microsoft since the early days, I witnessed a change in General Manager and Regional Vice President level management, where they punished converyors of realistic feedback and only escalated good feedback to show good results on their commitments so they can get promoted and get good performance reviews, then move on to higher paying jobs. It got worse around the Vista timeframe. From what I hear from my former friends, this has not gotten any better.

Their actions helped advance their careers, while customers suffered, and their actions effected the company’s bottom line and public pereption on Microsoft’s core competency product.

So lets look at these comments.  “Punished realistic comments” I expect most people who have a blog and have posted dissatisfaction in Microsoft products have been “punished”.  There certainly a lot of that going on at comp.os.linux.advocacy when a post is made that upsets someone with a Microsoft opinion.

Another poster made the comment:

Ballmer dumping blame on testers is pathetic he’s CEO doesn’t he use this stuff, where was Gates? Beta testers are good for that last 10% you have to be 90% sure of your product based on your own testing and Microsoft has the resources to test it on a wider variety of hardware and applications than anyone else.

and I would agree.  My opinion is that Steve Ballmer was well aware of the Vista shortcomings prior to it hitting the market, but by then far too much money had been spent on “the project” and they were committed for release, at the very least to recoup as much of their investment as they could.   The good early reports are convenient since Mr Ballmer can put that as a justification for releasing Vista and in my opinion explains why the claimed Microsoft engineer was stating the good comments were made to further careers.

So to summarize, in my opinion there are only two alternatives here (and please anyone correct me here is there are more)

1. Either Ballmer really was that clueless about Vista which would pose the question, is he suitable in his current role?


2. Ballmer knew exactly what Windows was and wanted the good early reports in order to use as an “excuse” when Vista was slated publically.

Please help me here if there are any more you can think of.

Whats most concerning (if the source is genuine) is the following comment:

…..From what I hear from my former friends, this has not gotten any better.

"Mr Ballmer sir, everythings great with Vista, that BSOD is nothing, its just one of the features"....Does anyone really believe Mr Ballmer would have not known the extent of Vista's problems early in its life? I'll let you decide.

Vista, like ME is mostly in the past now.  I don’t think there are many who are going to be tempted by Vista and will instead opt to keep XP, upgrade to 7 or migrate to another platform.  However whats going at the moment?  What was the policy with 7, keep in mind that we were going through a recession and Microsoft was laying off staff, I wonder who would have been brave enough to be critical of Windows 7 if they discovered issues? – I’ll let you answer that as you imagine yourself in their position.  Let us remind ourselves of what the claimed Microsoft engineer said: “they can get promoted and get good performance reviews, then move on to higher paying jobs” and also “…they punished converyors of realistic feedback…” What would you do in their position?

Going back to Vista and Mr Ballmer allegedly “buying into” the early good reports, it makes me wonder then why Microsoft ran the Mojave Experiment.  Surely if, as far as Mr Ballmer was concerned Vista was great, why did he feel the need to trick (IMO) users into trying Vista under the guise of it being something else.  Didn’t Mr Ballmer at the time wonder why they were doing that?  It seems to me that we only get a half admition of the problems of Vista when Microsoft wanted to sell you 7.  I wonder what issues 7 will have and what will be said when 8 is ready for sale?  You shouldn’t have too long to await allegedly because according to Microsoft roadmap they will be trying to push 8 on you in about 2 years.

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