Ive been a user of the excellent Google Wave for some weeks now.  Ive written about how impressed I was even though its still in its development phase.  Whilst using the service, I wondered from day 1 how long it would be before the Microsoft faithful would start to take a dislike to the suggestion of alternatives to Microsoft products.  I didn’t have to wait long.

I was chatting in a Wave entitled “Do you like Windows 7?” which had been created by the user Jayant.  As the wave became more popular it became apparent that more people were voting “no” to a poll which asked the above question.  From memory the figures stood at approx 20 “yes” 9 “no” and 3 undecided.  Of course (IMO) the MS faithful cannot have anyone saying they don’t like Windows 7 (at least until Windows 8 is ready for sale) so the Wave was deleted by an unknown user.

The creator of the wave had this to say:

2 days before there were 34 people who voted here but one “idiot F***” deleted this wave…otherwise now it should have 67 voters. F*** that idiot.

As more of the Microsoft faithful discover Google Wave we can (IMO) expect more of this behaviour and perhaps highlights an issue which Google need to sort out quickly in respect of features, that being, only the creator of a wave can delete it and users own comments cannot be edited by any other user.  Its a shame that there are people that appear to be so frightened of an alternative to Microsoft that they have to engage in actions like this.  Its also a shame that I believe the creator of this wave actually is a Windows 7 user and now they too have had their first experience of the Microsoft faithful.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com