Google Wave’s first Microsoft faithful attack?

Ive been a user of the excellent Google Wave for some weeks now.  Ive written about how impressed I was even though its still in its development phase.  Whilst using the service, I wondered from day 1 how long it would be before the Microsoft faithful would start to take a dislike to the suggestion of alternatives to Microsoft products.  I didn’t have to wait long.

I was chatting in a Wave entitled “Do you like Windows 7?” which had been created by the user Jayant.  As the wave became more popular it became apparent that more people were voting “no” to a poll which asked the above question.  From memory the figures stood at approx 20 “yes” 9 “no” and 3 undecided.  Of course (IMO) the MS faithful cannot have anyone saying they don’t like Windows 7 (at least until Windows 8 is ready for sale) so the Wave was deleted by an unknown user.

The creator of the wave had this to say:

2 days before there were 34 people who voted here but one “idiot F***” deleted this wave…otherwise now it should have 67 voters. F*** that idiot.

As more of the Microsoft faithful discover Google Wave we can (IMO) expect more of this behaviour and perhaps highlights an issue which Google need to sort out quickly in respect of features, that being, only the creator of a wave can delete it and users own comments cannot be edited by any other user.  Its a shame that there are people that appear to be so frightened of an alternative to Microsoft that they have to engage in actions like this.  Its also a shame that I believe the creator of this wave actually is a Windows 7 user and now they too have had their first experience of the Microsoft faithful.

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  1. 20 votes for “Yes”
    9 votes for “No”
    3 votes for “Undecided”

    I fail to see the conspiracy here. Why isn’t it more likely that someone who doesn’t like Windows 7 removed the poll? After all, the results are mostly positive. If anything, the data points to the opposite of your conclusion.

  2. Hello (again) richard.

    One could argue your point. There was accompanying posts which didn’t make good reading for Windows 7 and it was only because Ive seen and experienced similar tactics in other forums which made me ask the question.
    “Google Wave’s first Microsoft faithful attack?”

    Now Richard, Im sure you will have at some point seen COLA. Its very easy to predict which threads in advance will be hammered with rubbish in an attempt to “muddy the waters” and you will also see the lengths at which people will go to muddy those waters. Racism, homophobia and other vulgarity seem to be fair game when a piece of news not favorable to a proprietary platform is posted.

    If I had proof of who was doing this and why, Id use a term other than the MS faithful. In one sense it would be an easier pill to swallow if these tactics were being employed for financial reward, because the alternative is that there are people who enjoy posting like that for no reason at all. That is quite frightening.

    Data points to the opposite? Really. Forgetting the comments that were present, the data shows (to me) that far from being the killer OS with a massive market share, this poll signifies that more than the stated 1% enjoy linux..if the MS faithful stats were correct of Linux market penetration (< 1% I believe they claim now) then this small poll should at least in some way reflect that.

    Thats my opinion. My conclusion? Nope its my opinion (in the absence of hard proof). I let you draw your own inference thats why I ask the question.

    Its a little like the dubious Twitter accounts that pop up to promote Microsoft products and then when challenged go quiet. I let people draw their own inferences from that.

  3. OK, let me get this straight…a Wave got started about people discussing Windows 7. People voted yay and nay. Someone deleted the wave and the original author had to start over.

    How does that equal “Microsoft faithful shutdown Google Wave?”

    Seriously. Unless the discussion was getting very strongly pro-Linux/anti-MS, I can’t even see how that argument could be made. Even then, blaming it on a Microsoft user is just as ridiculous as me blaming someone deleting a pro-Mac wave on a Linux user.

    Let’s be honest, this is really, really reaching and you have no proof (even imagined proof) and just wanted to be sensationalistic. Nothing wrong with that, but own up to what it is.

    I’ve been using Wave since it was first announced at the Google I/O conference over the summer. There are tons of bugs that need to be worked out. The fact that any asshole can delete a wave is one of those bugs. You and I both know the real story is likely that some random asshole just wanted to be an asshole. Yeah, he probably did use Windows (most of the world does — you’ll note, I don’t — I use a Mac), but to say that it was deleted because of some no votes is just plain ridiculous.

  4. Thanks for posting. I’m glad you asked, although you have partly answered your own question.

    Firstly I would draw your attention to the use of a “?”

    I am asking a question and drawing reference on actions I have experienced elsewhere (and if you care to look back) those actions are the main reason why this blog continued.

    You mention “no proof” like its some sort of revelation. Where did I suggest otherwise. Having said that there has been a bit of a development which didn’t really warrant another article but your comment has now finally provided a forum for.

    Another poll was set up in regards to Windows 7 v Ubuntu. I covered it on twitter and at last time of checking it was 65 voted Windows 7, 60 voted Ubuntu and 30 were undecided. Guess what? That poll has disappeared too.

    Quote “You and I both know the real story is likely that some random asshole just wanted to be an asshole”

    Quite possibly, although its strange that the only poll that Ive been involved with that has been deleted is on a Windows topic. Please read my post properly. I ask a question then give my opinions.

    Ive been informed that a particular group of people who openly admit to disrupting and nymshifting have “found” Google Wave and thats why I say we can expect to see more. They did it on MS Watch, they do it on COLA.

    So two Windows polls have been deleted now which showed that infact Windows 7 wasn’t the uber popular loved piece of software. You really think that there is no chance something else is at play here?

    Thats your decision. I would not seek to persuade you otherwise…Please in future keep an eye on my titles and if you get a chance look at the actions of certain people in COLA and tell me that its not reasonable to assume that the same “efforts” are going on in Wave.

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