Microsoft’s IE at an all time low?

Microsoft experiences users turning away from Internet Explorer - Firefox, Chrome and Safari saw gains according to sources.

If people tell you that Microsoft “loves the FOSS” or is happy with alternatives to their products, keep in mind the following article.  Since it seems to me that when users are presented with an alternative to Microsoft products, they grab it with both hands.  Why would Microsoft be happy with that? – I’ll let you decide.

We have covered the EU’s investigations into the sole bundling of Internet Explorer, we’ve looked at a wealth of alternatives (not just for Linux users, but Windows too) and now we see what users are saying about their choices in browser – and its not looking good for Microsoft IMO.

That opinion seems to be echoed in the report that market share of Microsoft’s Internet explorer have hit an all time low of just 63.6 [2] with November being the third month in a row the browser has suffered losses.  I expect Microsoft advocates will try to dismiss this figure or at the very least imply its incorrect.  Stats apparently are only correct when they are in favor of Microsoft (according to the Microsoft advocates) (IMO).

Before we look at what Microsoft are alleged to have said in relation to the web, its worth considering how much “work” was put into promoting IE 8.  We saw the thing get hammered on Twitter, we’ve seen (and covered) some of the “campaigns” that Microsoft tried in order to grab back what it appears to be losing and now, after all is said and done it appears to have been in vain.

Ryan Servatius is alleged to have said:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, to advance the Web we need to move people to a modern version of Internet Explorer,

So ladies and gentlemen if we want the web advanced we must get a modern version of Internet Explorer?!?!? It may just be me, but I find that statement insulting on so many levels (and for me highlights Microsoft arrogance perfectly).   Firstly the implication that Microsoft is the company to “advance the web” and secondly the way people are told to upgrade “we’ve said it before…” – yes people do it Microsoft’s way, they know best.[1]

In better news, it appears that Firefox, Chrome and Safari have all experienced gained in their market share whilst users are discovering the benefits of each.  Question is now, since Microsoft offered to give food to the hungry in order for you to download Internet Explorer, what on earth are they going to come up with next?

An excellent article on CW said:

IE, however, remains the browser to watch, if only to track its decline, which Microsoft has not managed to stem with the March 2009 release of IE8.

and you can read the full article here:

But wait… will be better next time!

A line we have heard so many times before (IMO) in relation to Microsoft products.  True to form, you can find Microsoft proudly talking about IE9 already.  Heres some of what’s been alleged about IE9, this time from Steven Sinofsky – president of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft and before you read it, you just know its going to be good…

We’re getting very close to the other browsers…

What? in terms of market share or performance?  Microsoft, have you only just realized that there are other browsers out there?  Why is it only now you are getting very close to other browsers?

Asa Dotzler from Mozilla had this to say in relation to Internet Explorer:

….and while their efforts with IE8 were much better, they’re still at least a full generation behind the modern browsers.

Ive often argued that the more choice we have in any solution, the better for everyone.  I have been a Chromium user for quite some time now (currently running build and I’ve been very happy, although since its still in its early builds, I have Firefox on standby.

Ive not had Windows in the home for many years and I have not had Internet Explorer to suffer.  What I would say to everyone reading this who has not yet tried an alternative to IE, is that you will be very surprised.  In my opinion you will get a faster, safer internet experience and for some it may be the first time they realize that an all important part of computing (in this case the web) does not need to be provided by a Microsoft solution.

Ive always said that Firefox et al, were are good way for new users to enter the world of FOSS.  It can show that alternatives (and often free ones!) can be as good, if not better than a Microsoft offering.  It appears this is already being seen in the stats unless one of our Microsoft advocates (who do read this blog) can explain why IE is experiencing losses.

What users say about IE8

Of course its very easy to print stats and also comments by company spokes people, so what better way than to hear from users of IE8?  These are a selection of comments taken from an article at Cnet regarding IE 8’s lack of speed.

I’ve already uninstalled IE8, will stick with Firefox and Chrome for now until something better comes along

which is followed on by another user remarking:

Yes, I had/have the same experience and don’t recommend ie8 based upon what I have seen or didn’t see. Firefox and Chrome are better, faster, better, faster.

another user says:

Microsoft admits that it’s slow and then tries to say that no one cares. Once again, Microsoft shows it’s out of touch with it’s consumer base. They will keep the people who don’t know any better and those that do will use the alternative browsers.

and another user also seems to draw comparisons with other software solutions to Microsoft products:

…. I just wish I could find this Joe Shmoe who keeps MS in business so I could show him what a browser as well as an OS should really be able to do with his computer.

and to end the quotes, another apparently unhappy Microsoft customer:

Who needs IE anyway? We already have Firefox. I have never liked ANY version of IE. 8 is no exception. I’ve had it on Windows7 for the last few months and find it as distasteful as 7 despite MS’s promises of it being “better”. It’s STILL no Firefox.

You can find all these comments (and many more)


[1] Of course Microsoft don’t know best (IMO) Ive often written about the far more productive/enjoyable computing experience Ive had since I left Microsoft products.

[2] Casual readers need to know that if a Microsoft advocate is talking about stats, the stats are only true if they are in favor of Microsoft, if not the MS advocate will try anything to tell you they are false IMO.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s IE at an all time low?

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  1. A selection of comments hand picked because they expressed a negative opinion that was similar to your own and a majority of your readers. Not that it would be hard to do this when the comments are taken from a blog dedicated to open source software.

  2. “A selection of comments hand picked because they expressed a negative opinion that was similar to your own and a majority of your readers.”

    Really. So those IE comments were from FOSS users were they? Presumably if running Linux then it must be through a Linux/Wine combo…..or maybe you are simply suggesting they are telling lies?

    So IE has no issues? Microsoft didn’t offer to feed the hungry for every download? Mozilla didn’t say that MS was 1 generation behind and everyone loves IE?

    Tell me then, why is IE losing market share?

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